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  1. Well... sorry to disappoint everyone but I went the easy way out. I got a new Husqvarna 701 Enduro. It's wicked fast and pretty nuts.
  2. I'm still looking at different options. It's looking like I'll be able to start in 2 weeks time on the weekend so I'll let you know then. I'm calling places and friends to get prices.
  3. I don't know how to weld, but I've done similar work on bikes before. I'm an IT consultant. If I can't get a good result welding I'll have my friend help with the welds.
  4. I plan to do as much as possible myself. I'll need to cut and weld the sump and breather tube, cut the frame, bend tube for the frame, weld it, weld engine mounts, build a custom exhaust, fabricate a joiner for the airbox and throttle body, extend the footpegs, make a skid plate, and get everything powdercoated. I have 800 in it from the parts bike already and would like to be close to 1800 at the end.
  5. The 500 engine is very similar in size to the 250 engine and is mostly just wider. It makes it easy to get everything aligned and fit properly.
  6. Yep, I think I'll be the 7th. Build number 7 went MIA I think. It's not the easiest stuff but it's all really well documented.
  7. Its official. Just picked up a $800 donor bike to start the build. I'll be putting a 2013 CBR500R motor in my 2017 CRF500 Rally. The CBR doesn't run right now because the fuel inside is rancid and I'm guessing the fuel pump is out too. But it turns over well and ran 3 years ago. I'll be taking the donor bike apart over the next week, but won't be doing much else until March because I have a camping trip planned. Wish me luck!
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