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    EXC300 jetting

    Hey mate i had luck with my 2013 with the NEDW needle its a suzuki rm250 needle i had 38pj 168mj needle clip 3/4 depending on weather elevation ect i tried all the stock ones and found them too rich at quater throttle hope this helps
  2. I will try using rtv on the bolts to hopefully seal them and maybe that will finally fix it ­čśź
  3. I think ive tried every sealant besides that , how badly was yours leaking ? And did you use it on the D orings? As far as i know they are just straight into thecylinder head there should be no pressure behind but ill double check
  4. Hey guys i own a 300 17 model mine leaks from the pv cover and the cover on opposite side but thats not as bad, just wonderibg if anyone has a solution ive tried everything replaced the D shaped orings one was completely worn down due to vibrations replaced inner clutch cover gasket replaced the pv gasket numerous times with different sealers ect changed the pv orings nothing seems to stop it and im all out of ideas Ps my bike runs great not too rich ect , i believe the oil leaking is engine oil not oil leaking from pv any help would be greatly appreciated