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  1. Some of you probably have seen my previous project (click here if you haven't), and I've decided that my current WR will be overhauled this winter: Nice bike huh?!? At first I thought, why not to sumo this thing with some nice 17" cast wheels I have laying around? The rear wheel would fit (160/70/17 tyre) but somehow I don't like the look of those "tiny" wheels on my Husky... So I've decided to skip the 17"' and now I am moving more and more towards the flat track look. I dig that look and I think it would look great on my "big" bike! For the people who aren't familiar with that look: I want the 'updated' look WR, so that means a different tank and other plastics. This look is what I want for my bike: But ofcourse it isn't a direct fit, so that means welding and grinding... So I've stripped the old WR and grinded the places where I need to weld to fit a newer tank to the older frame. Old frame, with already the relocated tabs for the tank mounts. These tabs needs to go above the beam instead of below the beam for the newer tank Also the newer tank needs a tab on the central beam itself Before you say: "man, your central beam tab is off center!" I know, that should be off center otherwise the tank doesn't fit nicely It almost looks like a bike again!
  2. Okay okay, another small vid of the XR250 and my other bike Small video
  3. Thanks! Today I had my first testride with this thing, and I kinda like it. It's not a "ripper",but it feels alright. The Husky forks are a blessing, that's for sure! I've made a small test drive, and yes the bike needs some small tinkering (main jet is too small, and the suspension needs some fine tuning) but it does it's job. Link to the video from todays test drive https://youtu.be/zFOY6ksZ2P4
  4. Summer is gone, so it's Enduro time! Tonight I put the pig on it's dirtwheels and I like it!
  5. And today it's the day this topic can be closed, as my bike is finished. Ok ok, need to do some fine tuning here and there, but I guess it have worked out nicely!
  6. Well, I didn't measure the seat height from the axle, just from the floor. I will do the measuring later today!
  7. well, not so much lower than on dirtwheels... 900mm it is I can flatfoot it, but for real sumo I need to lower the forks a bit
  8. Give me 10 minutes, I will measure it. But I guess it will be a bit lower than standard as it's on 17" wheels
  9. I also had tried to fit some KTM plastics, but I didn't like how the tank would sit... But do you have some pics?
  10. Yes, as it can be build for cheap if you have the tools to do it... But okay, for me it's cheap (so perhaps for someone else it would be not so cheap...) as I have a lot of MX stuff laying around in my shed which I have collected throughout the years. Please don't forget that the frame, swingarm and engine are still from a XR and I have only added some DRZ plastics & subframe and a Husky fork. I choose to powdercoat the frame, to buy new plastics, a new SS header (which didn't fit on a XR250 but with some mods it will) ,an el cheapo Ebay 32 mm Keihin clone carb (ditched the power jet and jetted it with a 35 PJ and 125 MJ) and new bearings (which can be found cheap online if you know the sizes) but that's about it. The rest of the bike is build with stuff I already had (wheels I got for free). So in essence you can leave your XR as is, just cut the subframe of the XR, weld some tabs on it, bold a DRZ subframe on the XR frame, find a DRZ tank, use a heatgun to modify the inside of the DRZ tank a bit to fit the XR's central beam and slam a DRZ seat on it. Job done and can be cheaply done Anyway, I guess the bike will be finished this Saturday, later than expected. To busy with work and other stuff... I also burned an intake valve when idling too long to sort out the electrics, which was a bad thing as I've spent lots of hours in porting the head.... Luckily I have 3 XR engines as spare, so another head was arranged pretty quick haha ow... and cheap
  11. The wheels are from a KTM Duke 125, and almost no work to fit. (besides custom wheelspacers and 17mm and 15mm wheel bearings) I got the wheels for free so for me it was a no brainer
  12. I have did a deep search in my shed and I found a stator with the correct coloured wires! I am not sure from which bike this stator came off, but I know that it works as I never keep broken stuff. The red/black/2xwhite wire stator is on the right (and the paint is still ok on the engine), on the left the stator I have found. Could someone be so kind identify the stator on the left? A Google search on 1992 Honda XR250R stator gives me a lot of stators, but most of them have 2 blank poles which I haven't. To give you an idea of the Honda's I have own; 3x XR250R, 2x CBX250, XR600, and a CR250. And from one of these bikes this stator have come off... But which?
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