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  1. I have this exact brand, and work fine for my CRF450L. took a trip to Arkansas and back for 800 miles in the truck no problems. Also used in a trailer to and from Colorado, these little rings are very good.
  2. It is super fast riding on trails when dry, and a work out when wet ! Truth be told, sometimes I drive up there just for the wet.
  3. Close , but it is Lake Murray OHV park in OKLAHOMA; just over the TX border. 90% sand, but when it gets wet, more like quicksand.
  4. you can expect around 45 mpg. mileage will very with rider , weight, etc.
  5. yeah, were kind of hard on chains and sprockets where I ride. kickstands are optional in the muck
  6. old pic, back then it only had 600 miles on the odometer of CRF450L. Mud is hard on chains and sprockets
  7. Some bikes need a narrow chain as the case is too wide. Good Example is CRF450L, they added a 6th gear, and case is wider, so needs narrow chain, period. I tried a wider chain once , and it hit the wear nub on the case, Even with a CS spacer, still to tight, and it hit the nub. Finally I sent it back , and then found the DID 520ERVT narrow chain. Fits great. Narrow chains also weight less and have less mass to spin up.
  8. for riding in the mud, a O ring/X ring is far superior. I guess my point is Each rider needs to pick the best chain for their riding style.
  9. It is no worse than doing the IMS tank install in reverse. Granted, Pain to do, but only required once or twice a year for most folks, depending on mileage of course. Thanks for the reminder, most take care on oil and air, and neglect the Fuel Filter.
  10. The 2019 CRF450L chain was pure crap for me, lasted maybe 600 miles before it was all bound up and needed replacing. the replacement DID 520ERVT has 1400+ hard miles on it and still runs smooth and free with very little stretch so far, I guess you get what you pay for,
  11. someone asked, answer is X ring is indeed better than O ring IMO. X ring cost more, last longer, and has less parasitic rotational drag ... than O ring chains
  12. or you go buy a Fastway CS spacer for $5 and shim the sprocket away from the case to increase clearance if needed.
  13. I am a fan of DID 520ERVT Narrow X Ring Chains with a Rivet Link
  14. RED BULL ENDURO returns to Rocky Ridge in North Texas again this weekend. This is my favorite place to ride in TX, only about an hour north of DFW Metroplex. https://www.redbull.com/us-en/events/override
  15. What tires and pressures were you running? Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T tires. 13-14 psi at that race since then now I run 16 psi and that fixed my flat problem.
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