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  1. I have an EE on my 05 200 exc, fits perfect. Should be one availible
  2. If WP seal is the issue, the procedure to replace is not difficult and fairly straight forward. Do a search on YT
  3. I haven't taken one apart personally or am an expert but... Maybe all the bearings are there, pretty sure the balls have spacers between them to keep from contacting each other and those pieces are what have failed?
  4. Have you checked the plug wire itself? You can unscrew the plug boot off the wire and visually see if you're making contact with the center conductor in the wire.... not sure if the wire unscrews off the coil but ya could check that also
  5. My 200 is an 05 and warm starts are a bit tricky,.. when it's cold just set the choke and it starts 1st or 2nd kick w/no throttle. After its warmed up it seems to respond better when throttle is opened half way letting more air in. If she doesn't re-fire in 3 kicks or so, could be in for a fight
  6. Does look clean... throw some more pics up
  7. Sound like an old fart...… in a good way ..
  8. I think a 2t 300 with e-start will fit you well
  9. You'll get lots of people praising Lectron and some that don't, Same with the Mukini… Getting the Kehin is rock solid IMO and worth the swap. Ok, now to the real issue(s). No where have you stated the hours on this bike, is that known? Sure the bike looks good... it was just taken in for trade in and re-sale, I'm sure it looks great. How much are they attempting to let this bike go to you with a known issue?(should be on the cheap) Being that the bike is an 18 we can probably assume it was sold in 17 and has a season & a half to 2 on it.... give or take? If you pull the seat and tank on it that will give you a better idea of the prev owners depth of maintenance. I know when I clean and do fluid changes I'll do some disassembly before a good cleaning. On the stuttering issue, sure you can go in n clean the carb nothing wrong w that.. You state that it clears up in 3rd and on? That does seam strange indeed. I'd be looking at things other than carb, maybe a plug on the edge of fouling "or" a gooked/clogged up exhaust silencer will also mimic the stutter you experience,... g/l
  10. Post up results after your ride.... When there's water contamination issue I'll usually say to pull the rad cap to see if there's any action/bubbling going on in the system. It costs zero to do and if anything you are ruling out bad gaskets/cracks and such. If no activity I'd run straight to the WP seal
  11. Kinda looks like the front top of the piston is rounded off from contacting the power valve? That's what the pic makes it look like but that would prob be pretty obvious if that was the problem. With that much erosion on that area of the piston you're going to see some pretty significant wear on the opposing piston skirt. Perhaps we can get some more pics of the piston from all angles??
  12. ^^^ Yep, safety wire or something of the sort..... Twist'r up till she's taught and ride as temporary fix
  13. No JB weld,.. just use some good rtv or gasket maker to fill the void. "CLEAN" is the key-word here
  14. Hope he's not running one of them newfangled gas vents on the gas cap, when them babies clog n gum up, it'll lean'r out and let it run on fumes in a longer straight away. Dem things are junk
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