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  1. Their shipping the the EU is cheap. Customs handling charges are likely to be the biggest cost - about $15 in the UK, on top of the import tax.
  2. https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1285783-vortex-ecu-for-the-2019-honda-crf450l/?do=findComment&comment=15028972
  3. Yes, most of the time for me, recently
  4. tdc


    The 520 ERVT has been superseded by the 520VT2: http://www.didchain.com/enduroChains.html I recommend you get a proper 520VT2 rivet link too rather than the clip it comes with Edit: Sorry, I got my facts wrong - the EU/US site hasn't been updated. The ERVT was released this year and is lighter and longer lasting than the VT2. http://didmc.com/cms/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/ERVT.pdf
  5. It's just a hack to add more fuel than the ECU intended to add. I expect you could achieve the same effect with a Vortex by turning the low/med/high knobs up above 5
  6. The X uses the same parts as the L both on the head and the airbox side of the throttle body
  7. I'm interested in buying this too - sent you a PM
  8. I think the throttle-body is probably in the "diminishing returns" category but I expect the airbox lid is worth spending $25 on if you can get it shipped cheaply to Aus. There's a Japanese company doing full-power kits which include the throttle-body but interestingly don't seem to include the lid: https://japan.webike.net/products/23952329.html I've got a bog-standard UK spec 450L at the moment so I don't have any first-hand experience but the Japanese blogger who adapted a 450X ECU to work with the 450L thought the US spec throttle body improved throttle response: https://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/nabe_1st/archive/2019/01/31
  9. The airbox lid is also different and needs changing if you plan on leaving it on. Part number is 17234-MKE-A50 There's also a different throttle-body but it's unclear what difference this makes - the EU version isn't smaller bore.
  10. tdc

    450L fan on a 19 450X

    No problem, happy to help! It's the fuel pump relay.
  11. tdc

    450L fan on a 19 450X

    It's the DLC (Data Link Connector). It's connected to the k-line of the ECU and is for diagnostics and possibly more interesting stuff
  12. tdc

    450L fan on a 19 450X

    The 450X ECU doesn't have a connection for a fan so you'd need to create your own loom for it with a way of triggering it.
  13. Are you sure the pin-outs on the ECU connector are compatible between the R and the X? If they are then the light switch and various other functions almost certainly aren't going to work. I would contact Tokyo Mods for advice, assuming you haven't already. I'm sure Vortex will get round to it but they'll either have to get a '19 X shipped to Aus or work in association with Tokyo mods.
  14. The only difference engine-wise between the 2019 450X and the 450L is the exhaust header, muffler and ECU.
  15. You are right. You can manually trim the air / fuel ratio with 3 dials for low, medium and high revs. Using a QuietCore with the PowerCore map would probably result in a rich mixture at a higher engine speed so it would probably need dialling down a little. The result wouldn't be as good as a map designed for the QuietCore though. Using the Powercore for the map seems like an odd choice, considering FMF don't make one that's a direct fit. I would have loved to have seen a 2019 450X map in there too for an "almost stock" uplift.
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