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  1. Ja Kub

    DRZ400 Headlight upgrade?

    Noted. Do those kits involve adding a battery? I’m already street legal, I’m just looking for a lil more light. I remember my old battery-less dr350 barely pumping out enough light at night, I have yet to ride the z in the dark. Maybe I can just throw a halogen bulb in and be set? Idk. I’ve got research to do. I’ve read a little bit about adding bigger stators, rewinding them, etc. before I bought the z. I was considering converting a dirt bike to street legal but decided on the drz because I didn’t want the trouble of wiring a kit on and getting inspected, on top of the extra few hundred it would add to the initial bike cost.
  2. Ja Kub

    Extremely High Idle After Oil Change

    I stripped off the plastics and tank, got to the adjusters on the carb and loosened em up. Problem solved.
  3. I just purchased a 2001 drz kicker model about a month ago. It started easy, ran great. The first thing I did was replace the acct to a mcct. The bike was started, and ran for a few minutes to adjust the mcct, all normal, old oil still. Last night, I replaced the oil, filter, and cleaned the frame screen. I put a pipe clamp around the exhaust/header connection since it was missing. Also installed new emig clamp on grips that come with the tube. I thought I’d go for a ride since the weather broke today and I just freshened the bikes fluids. I had a bit of trouble kicking her over and when she finally turned, but she ran like a bat out of hell, in a bad way. I shut it off and tried again, same thing except when It shut off (had to hold the killswitch a while) there was a huge backfire. This was the first oil change in my possession. The oil was stupid dark and chocolatey. Is it possible I used the wrong throttle adapter ring on the tube? It snaps back and moves as it should imo. Was the bike adjusted to having to work so hard from the sludged old oil that my oil change freed it up? Did sealing the exhaust change the flow? What gives? Thumb screw adjustment did nothing. Here is the video: Photo of the exhaust clamp.
  4. Ja Kub

    New (to me) Bike, New Member

    Good to know. Think a full rear-end strip-down is in order then? In order to remove the bolt and check bearings, right? Or will simply adding grease through the nipples be enough?
  5. I wanted to take a second to introduce myself, my bike, and to say thank you for the plethora of information this community provides. You guys rock. I’m a dual-citizen, dual-sport rider from Michigan. I own a 2001 drz400 kicker model that is street legal. I purchased the DRZ about a month ago. I used to ride a 1991 dr350 before I sold it and moved to Europe Since owning the DRZ, I have done the following work to it: Replaced ACCT with MCCT, replaced chain with an o-ring RK, Installed 15t countershaft sprocket, installed a SS oil filter, cleaned out frame oil screen, fixed leaking banjo bolt (compression washer), new grips, fluids flush. Any other suggestions? Stronger headlight bulb? The bike was remarkably unmolested and bone stock when I bought it, which is how I like to keep my machines simply for reliability. I’m thinking of swapping on a s/sm subframe so I can have passenger pegs and take the girly to the beach, as well as have support for racks/saddlebags/panniers. The bike is currently my centerpiece until the weather gives up. 🤷🏽‍♂️ -Kuba
  6. Ja Kub

    DRZ400 Headlight upgrade?

    Curious if any of these options will work on my kicker model? Can I simply replace my stock bulb with one of the aforementioned?