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  1. jcKLX300R

    2005 kx250f

    Makes my 05 look pretty plain. Very nice bike. I have had my 05 for over a year. No problems to report. Just a kick in the pants to ride.
  2. jcKLX300R

    Grand Junction Race Report

    Man that looks great, I am going to be there this weekend with the family riding on Fri and Sat.
  3. jcKLX300R

    guys show me your kawasakis

    YZRider85, that bike looks sooo nice! Gives me more inspiration.
  4. jcKLX300R

    guys show me your kawasakis

    Just added mine to the Garage! http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=38450
  5. jcKLX300R

    Seat Cover

    Anyone know where I can get just the seat cover for my 05KX250F, like the one in the link? Or one similar. I like the black with the Kawasaki letters in Green/Black I have been searching and comming up empty. http://store.bobscycle.com/browse.cfm/4,83498.html?AFF=690FGL Thank you.
  6. jcKLX300R

    Elbow problems

    Thank you for the link. I will give that a try first. Worst case I am only out a few $$ Thanks again
  7. jcKLX300R

    Elbow problems

    Well, I used to think that it could be a torn bicep, but I took many months off of training to see if it would start to feel better, but really it was just as bad if not worse. I am the same way about going to a doctor unless I have to. So that looks like my next plan.
  8. jcKLX300R

    Elbow problems

    It does sound similar. I have always tried to work through the pain, but it hurts to flex my bicep, and I feel most of the pain on the inside of the elbow, right where the bicep connects. Kind of hard to explain. Did the cortizone shot relieve the pain for good?? That would be worth it to me. Thanks for all of the info.
  9. jcKLX300R

    Elbow problems

    No, I don't think they are inferior, generally you can lift more weight with the bar though. I think it was a more even workout feel than using dumb bells. Easier to keep the right posture and form. Takes a bit of the cheating out of the equation if you can keep your back straight. Glad to hear I am not the only one though. I just figured I was getting too old!
  10. jcKLX300R

    Elbow problems

    Hey, that sounds like my wife!!! j/k No, I have not gone to a doctor, I always felt as though it was a strain of some type and that time would heal it up. I guess I will go get an X-ray and see what is up. Thanks for the reply though.
  11. jcKLX300R

    The (not so) little race that could in Grand Junction

    Maybe next year, I plan on taking my son out there on April 6th for his 16th birthday and ride. We love GJ, it is our favorite place to go.
  12. jcKLX300R

    Elbow problems

    Hello, I am 35 and I used to be a bodybuilder in my late 20s. I am trying to get back into shape again, but I have a old nagging left elbow injury that is giving me fits. When doing bicep curls, I have had to give up on using a curl bar and just stick to dumb bells in order to get an angle that doesn't hurt. I have started to take Glucosamine along with MSM, and decided to do a cycle of creatine. I always drink protein shakes as well in my diet. The Glucosamine seems to help dull the pain a bit. But I never seem to get rid of it. Do you ahve any suggestions that I could do or supplements to take to further my healing? I have taken months off of working out to see if that would help, and that did very little. Thank you
  13. jcKLX300R

    Daughter's death in the desert

    My duaghter is only 5 and is going to get her first bike next year. I can't imagine how that loss must feel. God Bless you and your family.
  14. I have a deposit down on mine, should be here in March according to my dealer, I am number 2 on the list, the owner is getting the first. They said it should be priced between $6500 and $6900. No gaurantee though. Will let you know.
  15. jcKLX300R

    CBS Coverage of SX sucks

    It did stink, My riders are the good guys in green:ride: My son rides Blue. It stinks when all he gets to see is 5 seconds of the heat race that Reed wins. I agree that Ricky added some nice insight and with some practice could be really good at it.