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  1. Where would be the best place for a Washingtonian to get a BETA? and is your comment referring to home delivery rate?
  2. The new bolts came in, and I was careful with the 3/8 dr tw. It measured in inches/ lb, so it was capable of the low end torque. Thanks for all you help guys!!! Got my bike up and running again! Cheers 🍻 oh, 1 more question, is there a “break in period” with a new clutch? Or can I grip ‘n rip it?
  3. I'm using a 3/8 torque wrench.. its the only one autozone had available.. I have a 1/4 ratchet, but are you suggesting I just use that instead of torquing?
  4. @TigerTanker I noticed stock pegs in your video. no upgrade there?
  5. Would I be able to plate my fx 450 here in WA?
  6. yeah i observed that too. That one is definitely being replaced. after inspecting them, im only salvaging 2, i bought 6, so hopefully ill be left with some spares.. i probaly shouldve bought a few more.. but i should be good..
  7. Found it!! Thanks bro! I couldve sworn I thoroughly searched the oem parts list last night... Question, My bike has been on its side for the last couple of days, do you think I need to re-soak the fibers?
  8. what should i put in the search bar? "m5 hex bolt" isn't as narrow of a search...
  9. Where can I get some m5 hex bolts? Trying to avoid having to buy the bolt pack...
  10. No, its just been a while since i torqued anything ... where are you seeing grooves? should the hub have any play? i noticed i was able to wiggle it some, maybe a couple of mm.. or should I consider replacing the damping rubbers?
  11. Welp, I &%$#@!ed that up... on the home stretch of coarse...
  12. Do I need to empty clutch mc before taking the clutch discs out? Or do I flush after the job? And is it necessary? I recently swapped out the slave for an Oberon and some fresh fluid... and I’m guessing I’m going to need a micrometer to measure discs?
  13. Do I need to empty the clutch reservoir before i start the plates?
  14. @weantright yeah you’re rite, I won’t need to remove the clutch basket like I originally thought.. I’ll just take my clutch apart before finalizing my purchase to see if I need either of the gaskets. will I need to bleed the clutch after installing the new plates? will I loose a lot of coolant when removing the water pump cover? Bike will be on its side. I don’t plan on flushing oil as it’s pretty new.. also, I can use engine oil to soak fibers rite? Tokyo off-road said he used tranny oil in his vid?
  15. So which are you suggesting has potential to tear, the outer or inner? @weantright Are both inner and outer gaskets o ring style? Which clutch basket tool did you use? Looking at the one from RMATVMC.. Clutch level: master!
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