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  1. Hello all hope I am posting in correct topic area. I have a 1985 Honda XL350R Dual carburetor with stock gearing 14 front 40 rear. First thing, my fuel tube was leaking so I bought an O-ring and gasket kit to repair. Tore down carbs and cleaned the hell out of them. I then eagerly test rode. Fired up in two kicks and ran like a champ. A day or two went by and I then wanted to take it for another spin. Started right up two or three kicks. Awesome! But after riding for about 5 to 10 minutes throttle response was gone. Idles fine, but when put in gear and give it 1/4 throttle it falls on its face and dies if I don't let up. What could cause this ladies and gents? Any knowledge and suggestions are very appreciated. Next question is gearing. I plan on doing 90% trail riding with it and if I get good enough would like to start practicing some tougher enduro stuff. Will this stock gearing work for me or should I re-gear to get a little more torque. I am new to the dirt bike/enduro world due to wasting 10 years on road bikes lol. Thanks, AVP89
  2. Hello all. Just picked up a 1985 Honda XL350R. I am wanting to get it on the road, but the turn signals are acting strange. All lights work and have correct bulbs. Does not matter if I am on R or L signals they blink fast as well as my tail light, signal indicator, and speedo light. I tried a new flasher relay and still did it. Also cleaned the switch. My battery is dead would that matter? Still have to check ground/earth connections. What else could it be??? Thanks
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