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  1. Sveltereagle745

    Rear wheel doesn't spin freely? 300xcw

    I got it the lower chainguide was bent inward and is catching on the sprocket I took that chainguide off and righted it all down no it spins freely so new chainguide.
  2. Sveltereagle745

    Removing wheel spacers

    To get the seals out I use a tire iron pops easily but yeah the wheel spacers on a ktm requires you to use a drift and hammer to tap them out from the inside
  3. Sveltereagle745

    Rear wheel doesn't spin freely? 300xcw

    I’m having the same issue but it’s not the chain. My brothers ktm wheel spins freely without the chain but mine doesn’t the only difference between his bike and mine is that I have a brake rotor guard and i miced the thicknesses between the caliper carrier on his bike and mine with the rotor gaurd and there is only .001 difference so I don’t believe it to be that. Then I tried putting my wheel on my brothers bike and it spins freely so I know it has nothing to do with the wheel bearings or spacers. I don’t know what I missed. Why is my wheel still dragging on my bike?
  4. Sveltereagle745

    New vs used KTMs

    Shouldn’t be a dealbreaker I’d checkout DICKS the for suspension on the 4cs and it turned out pretty slick for my dads 2015 husqvarna but I’d go with a 350 xcf depends on the terrain you typically ride, the xcf models work better on the slow technical rocky and tight tree sections. sxf just has really long gears and my buddy burned up his clutch on 1 of our rides.
  5. Sveltereagle745

    Baja Designs Squadron LED Motorcycle Lights

    Super bright which is great I love the light in it self, but to get it to point down at the trail you have to use these arms on the mask that extend the mask and point it down which I’m not a huge fan of. Cause it leaves so much space between the handle bars and the mask looks kinda odd. So I kinda modified it so the arms act on like a hinge. So when it’s not in use the mask can sit tight to my bike without the gap,and when it gets dark I just push the mask forward and it tilts the light down to where I need it. All in all I really love the product and the look of it. If I had a newer bike I’d go with the motominded baja designs set up because it’s a lot sleeker. You can adjust the angle of the headlight without having to move the mask. Either way I’m happy with it.
  6. Sveltereagle745

    Radiator repair

    So I ended up just pushing fins aside and mixed jb weld and lathered it in there with a small screwdriver I guess tomorrow we’ll see if it holds.
  7. Sveltereagle745

    Radiator repair

    So the issue is I was installing a trail tech fan on an after market radiator. And when I put the the temperature thermometer end lil copper piece I pushed it in too hard and poked a hole in the tube/tubes and when I installed it it leaked radiator fluid everywhere so my question is how would I go about fixing that lil hole in the radiator tubes?
  8. Sveltereagle745

    Radiator Radiator repair

    Is it possible to repair radiator tubes with a hole in it?
  9. Sveltereagle745

    Trail Tech Voyager GPS Kit

    I got the voyage pro gps for my ktm makes marking trails and getting information on how my bike is responding so easy the buddy system is great to because my dad has the same one and I can still track his movements from a mile away
  10. Sveltereagle745

    Dirt Tricks Ironman Rear Sprocket

    Went up 1 tooth on my sprocket to get a lil bit more bottom end power for those tight rocky sections. Dirt tricks is made here in the USA and they are the strongest and longest lasting sprocket on the market plus they look super dope. They also make brake rotors, front sprockets which I threw on as well, and all sorts of sweet little parts like chain tensioner and machined oil funnels go check them out. dirttricks.com
  11. Sveltereagle745

    KTM 350 XC-F 2011

    Great bike awesome light like 250 but power to that of a 450 tractors when I need it to and bounces through the rocks with ease
  12. Sveltereagle745

    KTM 350 XC-F (2011)


    Great bike awesome light like 250 but power to that of a 450 tractors when I need it to and bounces through the rocks with ease
  13. So I screwed up big time. I had a small leak coming from the outer screw on the timing chain plug and I pulled it apart to find the o ring is smashed. No biggie so replaced it threw it back in and went to start it and it wouldn’t turn over. Turns out you gotta reset the tensioner, so looked it up how to reset the the tensioner did that put it all back together properly but it still would not turn over. Found a video saying you have to have it at top dead center for it to engage properly, (now that I think now was probably wrong). Any way pulled it apart and proceed to find top dead center without the tensioner in place and the chain slipped on one of the sprockets. And now I believe the cams are out of sync and I’m not going to be able to properly set the timing back in to sync. So my question is what should I do to get my cams back into sync and how to get it top dead center? And why was the tensioner not allowing the bike to turn over? How do I get it back to normal?