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  1. Ah yeah I just got done watching some of your vids, nice riding. I would have thought the crf450l would have been the best replacement for the wr250r as your do everything bike.
  2. How many miles were on the bike when you got rid of it? And what do you currently ride? I have a 2015 wr250r and I'm considering the crf450l as my next bike.
  3. Has anyone tried the mt21 in the rear? Everyone seems to use the d606 on the rear. I have a wr250r and the d606 is not available in stock sizing.
  4. Hey I actually don't have any videos on my channel..I've never uploaded anything. After doing the exhaust, did the bike feel lighter? That's really my primary reason to doing it is to try to make the bike as light as possible. If not then I don't think it's worth the 800 bucks. I may just do the no toil air filter kit and the ejk fuel controller. I wonder if there are anyone out there with the fuel controller on a stock wr250r and if it's worth that.
  5. Ah cool well I will be looking forward to seeing it! I should post a video of what I have done to my bike, mostly cosmetic stuff and comfort. I've done a build similar to sr moto. Led headlight, headlight guard, zeta hand guards, pro tape bar, led signals, seat comforts low seat, enduro mirrors that fold, fender eliminate kit and I think that's about it.
  6. Bike looks sweet! I currently have a 2015 wr250r and have done some cosmetic mods. I'm wondering if it's worth it to spend like 800 bucks on performance mods that you have...full fmf pipe, ejk programmer and no toil air filter kit. I hear people say it's worth it and others who felt no different...what's your thoughts?
  7. I'm in the boat as you. I currently have a 2015 yamaha WR250R and I love it, however i am just wishing there was more power. If the CRF450L can prove to be as reliable as the WR250R then maybe i will pick one up after it's been out for a little while. Hopefully yamaha will follow honda and come out with a wr450r. More competition the better for the consumer.
  8. I haven't read every page but in the link it says closed course, competition use only...so you can't use it on the street... I have a wr250r and am thinking about upgrading...waiting to see more long term reviews on the bike.
  9. I was just looking at that, is 36k considered a lot of miles for that bike?
  10. Have you considered a suzuki drz400s? I think it fits your needs, it isn't going to be the best thing on the highway but it would be worse. Would be pretty decent off road. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/d/carmichael-2001-suzuki-drz400s/6868818542.html
  11. Have you considered the honda XR650L? It weighs like 20 pounds less than the dr650 but it's taller. I'm sure the dr650 would be better on street, xr650 would be better offroad.
  12. Hey everyone, so I just purchased a 2015(?) WR250R on craigslist. So on the ad, the owner had it listed as a 2014 model, it wasn't until i got the title that it said 2015 on it. Is there a way to know for sure what year model it is? I see the VIN on the front but usually i would think there would be a year printed on it. Above the VIN it says 09/14 so i'm guessing that it when it was made and as a 2015 model. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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