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  1. Whats the best way to get my bike out of my truck when I go out alone, my truck has a considerable lift so it really high, and I only have one ramp, I find It's almost impossible to unload the bike myself i usually end up dropping the bike or coming close to dropping it
  2. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    Okay guys I figured it out, it was the spring clip that pushes the gear up when you kickstart it, I replaced for 2 dollars
  3. Bob Robles

    Is taking off in second gear bad a ttr 125?

    What bike was your son riding? Just curious cause I've heard the more CC the harder it is on your bike, mine is just a little 125, and I have ridden a few months and my clutch seems fine so I think I'm good thanks for the reply man
  4. I have a Yamaha ttr 125, first gear is short and not fun if im riding on the road or flat dirt. I only use it when I'm on a rocky little hill, is starting in second gear bad for my bike at all?
  5. Bob Robles

    How to replace 2006 TTR 125l countershaft

    I can't find one single video online on how to replace the countershaft, can anyone link me one film me one or explain how please
  6. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    Duke I have oil leaking out of where my shifter lever comes out, I think its the shift shaft oil seal, do you have a video for me on how to change that for my bike?
  7. Bob Robles

    Street legal tt-r 125

    Do you think it's possible to register my ttr125 as a moped or motorcycle in California, and what would I need to do it, i live in a small town wanna be able to ride it down to town without a ticket
  8. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    Alright I'll try not to ride it until I get it looked at, my dad's freind is a good mechanic so I'll have him take a look
  9. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    I'm also thinking about ordering and installing an fmf powercore 4 exhaust system, do you have any videos that show how? I cant find any good ones
  10. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    It seems like if I lean it to the left it grabs a little bit more
  11. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    I did more research and some say it could be a missing circlip for the idle gear, do you think I this is possible duke?
  12. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    Do I have to drain the oil to open it up? How do I fix timing? Do you have a link for a video for me to follow a long with a bit?
  13. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    I just bought the bike, it grabbed when I bought it (it's used 2006) then it would not grab, I took it out to the desert and bump started it then when it was warm it grabbed, then grabbed a few days after now ot doesn't grab again ­čśĽ
  14. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    Could it be some kind of stripped gear or something? (I'm new at dirt bikes, I am only used to working on my 2 stroke motorized bike)
  15. Bob Robles

    Kickstart won't grab ttr - 125

    My kickstart on my Yamaha ttr 125 has no resistance and won't grab, it bump starts fine and rides great. Here is a video of my kicking it over, I'm doing it slowly because I don't want to do it fast and cut myself on the peg again when it wont grab