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  1. BikerBoyL

    Trx450 kick start

    Will a 04- 05 Kickstarter work for a 06+ model??? For a Trx450
  2. BikerBoyL

    Crack in 1997 kx100 clutch cover

    For that year the clutch cover is one piece not 2
  3. BikerBoyL

    Header gets super hot

    Okay thank you Okay thank you
  4. BikerBoyL

    Header gets super hot

    It’s super hard to ride it because you can run it for about 45 seconds and it’s super hot for my leg.. I rode other 450s and it wasn’t like that
  5. BikerBoyL

    Header gets super hot

    It originally was running a 175 main and 45 pilot but it back fired a lot So I went on HMF and it suggested a 165 main with a 48 pilot and its running on those now
  6. BikerBoyL

    Header gets super hot

    It’s bored over but not by much. Also has aftermarket valves and a hmf slip on pipe.
  7. BikerBoyL

    Header gets super hot

    Pipe turns cherry red and burns holes in everything.. turns red extremely quick How can I fix this
  8. BikerBoyL


    Will a 04-05 Kickstarter work on a 06+ electric start model?
  9. What should I do in order to fix the crack.. I can’t find any replacements for that bike. PLEASE HELP