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  1. iskibiglines

    Inexpensive rear shock modifications?

    Fork Rebound Gold Valve Kit (Very important kit - includes Mid-Valve) - Included I copied & pasted the above statement from Race Tech website after entering my qualifier info for spring weight and... looks like rebound damping valving is included. You only have to pay extra for compression AND rebound valving (the Type 3 Gold Valve Combo Kit ). Looks like an affordable suspension upgrade for @ $280 is possible... Looking into Race Tech's site corrected the impression made by the many posts I've seen on this site. Previously, my only info came from this site, and was really incomplete in terms of understanding that rebound valving with the spring purchase was not a separate/extra cost/item. Only the compression AND rebound valving adds cost to this process. Yay! Kinda surprised that nobody from the discussion made that clear, since it appeared that many participants have either done the Race Tech spring upgrade or had some knowledge about it...
  2. iskibiglines

    Inexpensive rear shock modifications?

    Thanks for the input everyone. I was hoping to hear some good advice, whether it aligned with my original considerations or not. Everyone's input was greatly appreciated and that's what these forums are for. I couldn't find any suspension shops in my city. I'll check in Albuquerque (1 hour away), where I've found some good reviews for a shop called High Velocity Cycles. Reviews say that the shop has done some good affordable work for this type of suspension work. Race Tech is pricey for a $2800 used beginner bike after springs, valving, etc. If I do any suspension work with High Velocity Cycles I'll post up my experiences and costs. Apologies for the thread hijack. Hopefully all posts provide info for anyone searching for suspension discussion.
  3. iskibiglines

    Inexpensive rear shock modifications?

    Yes, but Droptine26 did the $270 upgrade, which is the cost of front & rear springs only. He says it was a great upgrade, so I'm hoping to understand the terrain he rides in order to get a feel for no valving, cheaper suspension options. If it is a 15% better performing trail bike, then that's enough to make me consider the spring-only option. If he rides forest roads, then I probably can't use his advise for my applications. If he rides single track and trails with big consecutive dips and undulations, then it sounds like a worthy and a well-budgeted upgrade for my first off-road bike. The bike only cost me $2800, so I'd not invest much more than $300 in suspension upgrades for a temporary bike. I've replaced only springs with good results in mountain biking, so I'm hoping if it's a progressive rate spring, that it would still be an upgrade without becoming a pogo stick. I'm thinking somewhere between pogo-effect and and "no-go" effect (stock) is an acceptable upgrade for a small investment, if that's how it pans out. I know valving is still more upgrade, but in 2021 I'll be riding a bike off-road that is 100% built around that type of performance. Until then, I'm game for the looking at cheaper options or just living with it as it is until I upgrade to a real trail bike. Hoping to hear from Droptine26 more on his experience and the terrain he has found improvement in. And if he has experienced much pogo effect. It seems like he has still had a positive gain with the spring-only upgrade.
  4. iskibiglines

    Inexpensive rear shock modifications?

    Did you only put new springs in, without valving? That's what I'm thinking of doing. I'm guessing so, if you did for $270. I think it would be a worthy upgrade without spending too much on a bike I'll outgrow for trail riding after another year. For reference: I ride single track hilly terrain mostly (Santa Fe, NM), except the 4 miles to/from the trailhead on the road, from my house. Everything from long sand stretches to steep loose rock/trenched climbs. I bought this bike so I could legally ride to the trails from the garage, while learning on an affordable used bike. It was already fully modded with off-road tires, hand guards, off-road gearing (13-48), and FMF pipe & exhaust. I upgraded the clutch too. Now that I've gotten faster on the trails, the soft suspension doesn't cut it anymore - unless I slow down considerably, I bottom out frequently. This is my first "dirt bike" and my first season of off-road riding. I want to ride this bike at least one more season before upgrading to a WR250F or something along those lines. I'm thinking the front & rear spring upgrade alone (without purchasing the valving, which I know is even better) will keep me happy enough & performing a little better on this bike another year... thoughts?
  5. iskibiglines

    Rio Rancho, NM, Creepy Trailer

    Interesting. Would love to see the pics. I'll ask some of my buddies if they have seen it.
  6. iskibiglines

    Starting problems

    Nice bike!
  7. iskibiglines

    Why No 2015+ WR250Fs For Sale?

    Same thing around here (New Mexico). Decent used 250 4 stroke fuel injected trail bikes are being held and not sold. I understand why. Still waiting for the same bike to show itself within a 5 hour drive...
  8. iskibiglines

    How to make the CRF250L 2nd Gear usable?

    Yes. I only ride trails with mine and I couldn't make it up the steepest hills in the national forest near me. I installed the CRF's Only HD clutch kit with the EBC springs, along with a new clutch cable. The clutch lever is actually easier to pull now than in stock form (the new clutch cable probably helped). Yay! I'm making it up all of the steep hills now that the clutch doesn't slip on me. All aspects of trail riding are greatly improved with the CRF's Only HD clutch kit. The clutch engages in a much more useable manner now. I wish I had done the clutch upgrade a long time ago!
  9. iskibiglines

    Tellico adv trail

    I want that breakfast! Great photos.
  10. iskibiglines

    Will I be happy with these mods?

    Forgive my lack of knowledge. I've been reading the forums for a short time now, but I've never seen anyone mention using a CBR300R ecu. Can you tell me what the benefits of the CBR300R are to the CRF250L? Does it do more than the EJK would do for the CRF250L?
  11. iskibiglines

    Best Options For LED Taillight

    DRC on mine too. Very pleased with it. The much smaller turn signals have survived well when I've dropped my bike many times on trails.
  12. iskibiglines

    High Mileage CRF250L Opinions

    Shouldn't matter. Every engine on any bike needs the valves checked/adjusted at some point. That's just typical maintenance. If there's no issue starting the bike, then the valves won't really need to be checked/adjusted.
  13. iskibiglines

    High Mileage CRF250L Opinions

    I bought my 2013 250L in February 2019 with 14,000+ on the odometer. It did have off-road tires, and gearing (13/48), so I'm assuming it might have less miles than the odometer indicates. For instance, when my speedometer reads a top speed of 60mph, my gps info reads 50mph. Regardless, my 250L runs like a champ. If the gearing or tires are not stock on the bike that you're considering, it may have less mileage than the odometer indicates. Even if it doesn't, I bet that bike is good to go with 14,000 miles on it, if it has been even marginally maintained. Mine was already completely set up for off-roading and I bought it for $2800. I feel as if I got a great deal on a bike that I legally ride to the trails on, straight from my house, 2-3 times a week.
  14. iskibiglines

    How to make the CRF250L 2nd Gear usable?

    Gotcha. I have 13/48 on mine. My 250L only sees 4 miles of dirt road/street to make it to the trails, so it's not geared for street use. I bought the 250L for a way to ride local trails straight from my garage without using a truck or trailer. Some of the local steeper offroad hill climbs are not possible with the stock clutch, especially if they are loose. My gearing makes 1st gear kind of useless (except for creeping out of extremely low gear situations), because the speed isn't high enough in 1st gear for a steep, loose, longer hill. I'm finally going to get the clutch upgraded so I can hopefully start making it up those darn hills!
  15. iskibiglines

    How to make the CRF250L 2nd Gear usable?

    What did you go back to 13/42 from?