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  1. Been trying to get it out for awhile but it doesnt want to come out any solutions?
  2. I'm not sure because it wasnt constistant
  3. I posted the link
  4. Ok but it's not constistant I've only had it happen like 6 times
  5. I got a vid is there a way I can send it I'm nee to the app
  6. No it doesnt really make any other noise it's just I give it gas and it goes and then all of a sudden it starts revving really high but doesnt speed up
  7. I was riding my 2006 yz125 today that I had just got and when I would give it the beans it would go like normal and then all of a sudden just rev really high like it hit neutral but I wouldn't shift it happend like 3 or 4 times does anyone know what could be wrong with it?