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  1. tm_enduro

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    I would take TM handling (amazing) and a potentially gappy 5-speed gearbox over a lesser handling bike with 6 speeds. Having ridden many 5 speed 250 2Ts over the years, I can assure you that plenty of power is on tap, and just adjust. Fact is, I have found some 6 speeds to be too tight and feel that I ride slower with them, just stay in attack mode and don't sweat the details.
  2. tm_enduro

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    This is the understatement of the year! That was some of the best riding there was. I sure miss the days of being able to start riding in Bellingham, ride the trails along Lake Whatcom, head over Cub Creek to the fish hatcheries (fuel up), ride to Hamilton, and do the return trip. Walker didn't even come close to comparing.
  3. tm_enduro

    two stroke electrical issue

    Could be worse guys. I ride snowmobiles with batteryless EFI, when the voltage regulator goes, it takes out components! Now that gets expensive and you often don't know how many parts got nuked until you replace them one by one and go for a ride and hope......
  4. tm_enduro

    TM 144en ride reports and reviews needed

    I have a 2013. I don't recall what the jetting is, and don't recall if I wrote it down. I haven't touched the carb in in a couple of years. Let me see if i have it written down anywhere. Otherwise I could open it up
  5. tm_enduro

    TM 144en ride reports and reviews needed

    What fuel are you running? For bikes under 200cc, I always run 100+/1 octane. I currently run 50/50 110 race fuel / 90 alcohol free pump gas (yes, that is available here). I find that bikes to be much more forgiving for temperature and elevation and never foul plugs with running 100 octane. Also, I have played with fuels and oil ratios over the years and found that anything from 32:1 to 100:1 works, but I have settled upon 32:1 o 40:1 for best power. I find this gives the best bottom to mid range power. Do I get exhaust spooge, for sure I do (not a lot, but it's there), but I have yet to blow up a 2 stroke.
  6. tm_enduro

    Thoughts on Shercos 4 stroke 300 factory edition?

    I have never owned a Sherco, but have demo'd a couple, and ridden with folks with them. My experience is that the Sherco is as good as anything on the market. As has been alluded to above, setup (sag, suspension tuning, and TIRES) is more important than anything. If at all possible, beg a ride on one or see if you can rent one for a day, BUT understand that if the set up (spring rate, clicker setting, etc) on the loaner is not for you the experience can be way off. I think the Sherco Factory Editions look pretty sweet. Regarding power, it comes down to how much torque or top end do you need where you ride and what are your abilities. If I was looking for the perfect bike, I would likely start with 250 4T (and put on Ohlins suspension?) for tight woods work since I really like free revving motors, but if the trails have technical gnarly sections, then a 300 4T or 300 (or 250) 2T are better suited. I currently ride a TM144en, but have had 3 Husabergs, 501, 470, 496), the TM is as fast or faster in most spots, can be much less tiring to ride, BUT gives up alot when I need to go fast in the gnar and can't bang thru and over obstacles. Don't rule out the TM300 4T. IMO, TM handling is almost magical in that they are stable yet they turn with ease. Bottom line: looks like a great bike, but setup is most important.
  7. tm_enduro

    TM 144en ride reports and reviews needed

    I would best describe the tm144en power as fast in the upper mid range to WFO, and sustaining below that. By that I mean that if you keep the throttle on the bike will keep going forward and not really slow down, but won't accelerate much without clutching or downshifting, which will result in big revs and acceleration. The amount of bottom end chug is impressive. It really is an amazing motor, and allows the bike to handle like a 200 lb should, yet doesn't massively punish you for letting it fall off the pipe. Don't get me wrong, this is NOT a 300 2T. If you like to ride fast and love feet on the pegs attacking it really is a fun bike to ride, if you prefer drop your arms and slide back on the seat and cruise then you should look elsewhere.
  8. tm_enduro

    2017 tm en 300 fi review

    As an owner of multiple TM's and knowing other TM owners, I am surprised to hear about quality issues. Without a doubt, TM's strong point is handling, and I would say reliability (meaning, I count on it to finish a race) is second. Yes, alignment of TM parts has often been suspect and requires some effort.
  9. tm_enduro

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    HR, can't say that I disagree with you, not even close to my first choice. The stock FIM tires are made are not total crap, they are for euro enduro after all (note, they change tires EVERY day to keep a fresh edge), but by no means are they comparable with an mx or usa offroad legal knobby. For me, their life is short. I run the Michy s12 (have for ~25 yrs) front, and now use the Kenda Ibex in the rear (at least for tight rocky stuff, especially winter).
  10. tm_enduro

    2018 300RE or 2019 250RE?

    The Michy OEM tires will do fine to start, but the rear will get sketchy when it looses it's edge. BTW, I agree that bike was impressive at finding traction and chugging uphill. I really like that bike. Maybe my next steed???
  11. tm_enduro

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    So true. I have seen many a C, B, or even A riders match my speed on the straights, only to throw out the anchor, brake slide into a turn (using little to no front brake) and then roost out of the turns hurling rocks. I helped others become faster by telling them to follow me 10 to 15 feet behind me, brake when I do, carry speed over the obstacles that I do, and accelerate smooth behind me, and trust that I won't roost you, and they are amazed at how fast they can go when they copy and don't panic.
  12. tm_enduro

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    True, but offroad races (at least the ones I have done) are mostly turns with short straight sections. It takes alot less energy to carry speed thru turns than the brake hard / accelerate hard all day long (at least for me).
  13. tm_enduro

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    The trick to going fast is carrying higher cornering speeds and not slowing down for obstacles. The TM has the handling to do that, and components to make suspension tuning work well. Now it's up to you, set the suspension (or have it done), put on the proper tires (compound and pressure), and ride faster. Simple recipe (notice that no aftermarket pipes, no piston kits, no cams, etc required)!
  14. tm_enduro

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    Bummer Cam, get well soon.
  15. tm_enduro

    TM 4 stroke Enduros? Any good?

    I have wondered the same thing, and am very interested in the tm 300 4T. I have ridden TM 125, 144, 250 2T, 300 2T, and 530 4T, and all were wonderful, and I have ridden many 250, 350, and 45 4Ts, and been very impressed how easy a strong 250 4T feels and how easy they are to go fast on. The KYB forks and TM shock are very good units.