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  1. RhinofromWA

    Ty Tremaine on Beta, Alta halts business

    Anyone know if Ty (Edit: Tremaine! ) survived Haaker dropping down onto his throttle hand at the Everett Endurocross this weekend? I think it was Ty (Edit: Tremaine! )... Webb and Haaker were having an awesome battle. In the corner before the finish line jump Webb & Haaker came into lappers. They were the only two racers doubling logs through the corner...Webb was able to get through the lappers just before the corner jump, and Haaker was close behind. Haaker landed right next to Ty (Edit: Tremaine! ) on the very inside of the corner trying to miss the lappers. Ty (Edit: Tremaine! ) stopped a couple times and was favoring his wrist and it looked like he eventually rode off the track. They are showing that he finished ... so maybe it wasn't as bad as it looked? I only took a couple pics. Here is one of Gertson.
  2. RhinofromWA

    Help me pickout a new skidplate

    Another option for a skid plate. SX Slide plates. The owner raced endurocross for many years. Excuse the dirt bike channel link but it gives you a look at the skid plate. I run one on my 300rr. Pro install tip: The rear mount can be temperamental as the plate is flat and will form to the linkage once installed. So instead of cussing and swearing and sweating lying on your back staring into the sun.... have a buddy (or a tie down) compress the rear suspension. That lifts the linkage out of the way lessening some or all the plate flex needs to be flexed to get the rear clamp set the first time. I did it the hard way. Learn from my dumb ass mistake. LMAO. http://www.sxslideplate.com/full-plates/ My pic of Jon (owner SX Slide plates) winning my clubs Spring hare-scrambles in the E WA desert. Jon running what he sells. (Frozen Moto picture)
  3. RhinofromWA

    Show me your...BETA !

    2 year anniversary and I don't ride her enough but when I do get a chance... I love every minute. Fully street legal in WA State, USA FMF S/A SXS skid plate and linkage guard Scotts under bar steering damper BRP rubber mounted Scott's sub-mount system Cyrca hand guards Stiffer springs f/r Kenda Equilibrium (r)/Goldentyre Fatty (f) Softer seat foam-stock height
  4. RhinofromWA

    New RR300 for an old guy

    Ride it a little before changing it... you may not need the rejetting and throttle tamer. Float height? If you bike don't leak gas, no need to adjust the float height. Final gearing is personal preference. If 1st is too low and you don't need a bailout gear then gear up if you want lower rpms on extended road sections.
  5. RhinofromWA

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    What did I do to my Beta? Dual sported my 300rr around with a buddy in this great spring weather. It snowed her a week ago. Lol. Summer is on its way!
  6. You guys who have been waiting... they are here. Frank's Motor Bike outside of Seattle WA
  7. RhinofromWA

    Stop chain wear inside of frame on 4ts and 2ts

    Brp was/is nylon block. It doesn't flex and snap back as the TMD design. My club put on a harescrambles and there was a nasty mud hole with rocks that gapped just enough to slide the wheel between them. The guides would hit the rocks and flex enough to derail the chain. I had to help (4) ktms get their chains unwadded from between the swingarm and countershaft... all had the TMD guides. All happened in the same spot. Perfect storm? Maybe. Not my 1st choice in chain guide material. Great for swing arm cover/slider applications.
  8. RhinofromWA

    Stop chain wear inside of frame on 4ts and 2ts

    Interesting. Anyone tried it yet? Looks like a good use of their material. Not a fan of it as a chain guide as I have seen more derailed chains from flex than not. Personal preference I like the nylon block (BRP-style) if I have to go aftermarket.
  9. RhinofromWA

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    You using the BRP submount? Mine limited fork leg adjustment too.
  10. RhinofromWA


    Another option for you. There is a hand guard that uses the KTM/Husky mount. SXS Slide Plates uses the same material as the company skid plates. http://www.sxslideplate.com/product-category/handguards/ I am still a fan of of the cycra dip-style full wraps. I am not a fan of full wraps that do not drop by the pinkie. Makes my hands feel claustrophobic.
  11. RhinofromWA


    Lol! He cracks me up. He reminds me of Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell. Sent from my SM-G920V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  12. RhinofromWA


    Some New Years Day fun for the 2017 AMA Round #7 West Hare scramble 3rd Overall, Joel Tonsgard... dirt bike limbo. Photo by... me.
  13. RhinofromWA

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    My apologies... Corrected with screen shots. I don't know where I caught him say 231 lbs, weird.
  14. RhinofromWA

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    Just for arguments sake... Husky TX300 2t claims 217 lbs. The 2018 Husky TE300tpi is 251 lbs if Dirt bike channel scale is to be believed. So that 34lbs is going to be taken up by some fuel, lights, wires, tpi... The 2017 KTM 250 XC weighs in at 235 on the same scale. Something is telling me there is the funky scales at manufacturers. Don't believe the hype... or do. It is up to you. 2017 Beta 300 on the same scale was 252 lbs. Now factor in the heavier battery that can be replaced with Li-Ion battery on the 2017 Beta you can lose some weight and make an arguably closer comparison. I think we all can agree that the TX300 217 lbs claimed weight is a joke/lie/dream/marketing BS. Now That brings their other bikes weights into question..... Maybe the FX350 is 245lbs before things get added onto it. TX350/TC300= 4lbs diff in brochure. KTM XC250 is 235, and a Husky is at least 6lbs heavier than its KTM counter part to begin with.... So 235lbs "XC250"+6lbs "husky increase"+4lbs "brochure diff" = 245 lbs estimate on the FX350 before stuff gets added on. By all means go with that 221lbs/217lbs brochure (marketing) number (depending on what bikes we are talking about).
  15. RhinofromWA

    2013 300rr first ride

    Raise your bars and taller seat before lowering your pegs. Pegs are already lower than most bikes. I have the Under bars Scott damper BRP rubber mount and that raised my bars but stock seat height.