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    First Dirt Bike What to Get

    No I want it to be for off road only. I already have the ZZR600 for the street and the roads here in Michigan sucks so bad I am looking to get rid of it soon. I want some pure dirt only. I have been looking at used KTM and YZ250 which I was told would be good to learn to ride first and after I learn to throw that bike around get something bigger. I keep reading on here anyone my size asks about bikes everyone says go with a 450 and right now there is a great deal on a KTM450 near me for around the same price as most of the 250s.
  2. 1. What is your skill Level (be honest)? Beginner/New Rider For dirt I would be a beginner but, I have been riding street bikes for over 11 years I would be coming from a ZZR600. 2. What's your height & weight? 6"1" 350LB 3. What's your ballpark budget? Would like to stay under 5k 4. What types of terrain will you be riding? Mostly Trails but I might get dumb and try other stuff after I really learn 5. Will you be racing or just play riding? Just play riding. I am stuck on what to get for my size at this time I know I should be looking more towards a 450 but I have been told that a 250 2stroke would be better to learn on. I don't want to get stuck with something that I might not be able to ride or would be unhappy with later.