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  1. Bobthemotorcycle

    Big Red Pig vs The World

    I have seen them but have not set on one yet. I will go set on one this weekend if i can.
  2. Bobthemotorcycle

    2004 Honda Recon

    What would be a good exjaust?
  3. Bobthemotorcycle

    When and when?

    When is Honda going to make a CRF 450L Rally. I want something with a big fuel tank and better lights. When is Yamaha going to import to the U.S. the 700 Tenere? I want one now not later.
  4. Bobthemotorcycle

    Big Red Pig vs The World

    I have considered the DR but i feel that over all the Honda is a better bike. How tall it is really is not an isue to me. If my tippy toes can reach i am happy.
  5. Bobthemotorcycle

    2004 Honda Recon

    I ride my honda recon 250 around the farm alot just to relax but i do need to rebuild the carb so what are some good mods and what jets should i use to help it produce a few extra horse's? Love my Recon. Gets into places others cant.
  6. Bobthemotorcycle

    Big Red Pig vs The World

    I ride street bikes on the road and four wheelers around the farm (Honda Recon) but i have not ridden dirt bikes or enduros in many many years. My first bike was a 1978 Honda XL 185 some 35 years ago. I am going to get me a dual sport / enduro this summer. At first i was going to get a Royal Enfield Hemilayin but decided it was not the quality i wanted. Next i had to figure out if i want 450 or 650. Since i am not a hard core off road guy i have decided on 650. For years i wanted a KLR 650 but since the factory is no longer producing them i decided to go Honda 650. I have no problem with Suzuki or Yamaha but i want that Honda reliability and quality with a dealer in every town. This bike will be for daily riding but if i see a road block or trafic jam i want to be able to just turn into the ditch and go thru the wood and hills which means no roads or trails and lots of rocks and logs. I am 50 years old but in good shape. I am 5 foot 6 inches and 200 pounds. My bike will have on it at all times a complet camping set so anytime i want to hit the national forest i can just jump the ditch and enter the wood and go a few miles back and camp. After lots of studying i have come to the conclusion that the XR 650 Big Red Pig is the bike for me. Any reason its not? Should i go with something else and why? I also want to do a few scrambles but i like slow but constant. I dont have to be at wide open the whole time. Please do not say KLR because its not as powerful as others and it is out of production but fact is it was the KLR that originally made my want to go dual sport / enduro.