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  1. Brapper488

    TTR125 YZ85 conversion

    There are a few on Ebay here and there, but as you stated Socalxr, prices are high. I found a 16" rim from a yz85 with a crack that I just might buy and have welded up. The clearance is tight with the 16" wheel, but they fit with the stock yz85 swingarm. put KX100 forks and rear shock on, new top end, turned flywheel down, VM26 Mikuni, FMF pipe, and hopefully that is all!
  2. Brapper488

    TTR125 YZ85 conversion

    Socalxr, I put a YZ 85 swingarm on, I do not want to put a 14" rear wheel on!
  3. Brapper488

    TTR125 YZ85 conversion

    Doing this conversion for my daughters brapper, but cannot find a 16” rear yz85 wheel. Other than buying a 16” rim and yz85 hub and lacing myself, are there other options?