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  1. biketrdr

    A special race team

    i have been gone a year, come back and you guys are still making sense:thumbsup:
  2. biketrdr

    Is lose of a little motor oil normal ?

    if you run it full they will blow some oil into the air box.they like the oil level half to three fourths. hope this helps
  3. biketrdr

    inertia vs load control dynamometers

    pm kestler or rch i'm sure they would b glad to tell you what they think
  4. biketrdr

    reworking the '05

    could not coment on the turning of a 05, i went from a 04 to a 07
  5. biketrdr

    reworking the '05

    a couple years ago a bunch of us on here were playing with cdi box's. we thought the crf250r module was making more power because lap times were faster. come to the conclusion it actually dynoed less but it smoothed the hit out and provided more traction. might just be what your looking for
  6. biketrdr

    reworking the '05

    seat time-seat time-seat time not trying to b a as# but sounds like your set up just fine. especially if your getting time the same or better times than a 250 smoker in tight woods
  7. biketrdr

    Difference in plastic?

    if i remember rite the front number plate and the fork protectors wont interchange. i tried some 02 stuff on my 04
  8. biketrdr

    04 crf450 stock jetting

    lean, my pilot was fine it had a 45, i went from a 142 to a 165 on the main. i'm at about 800 feet
  9. biketrdr

    Another O4 crf450 starting problem?

    if it's starting good cold check and make sure your hot start is working properly.
  10. biketrdr

    taking out the motor?

    it is much easier to do a in frame
  11. biketrdr


  12. biketrdr

    lost chain slack

    if its a fairly new chain just clean and oil and u will b ok. any non o ring chain will do that when subjected to the mud,blood,and beer
  13. biketrdr

    Bog problem resolved! some usefull tips i discovered.

    dont be surprised if you dont get a reply. the last post is over 9 months old
  14. biketrdr

    Whats an Awesome exhaust?

    love my MRD mrd-racing.com
  15. biketrdr

    CRF450 skid plate

    if you must make one borrow someones and use it for a mold. lay it up with fiber glass. i would use the cloth not the matt for a skid plate