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  1. kdub442

    Best 85cc for ofroad

    We use a yz85, but mostly do mx with it. Great bike with great ergonomics and suspension. However it probably has the least friendly power delivery of the 85's. The kx and ktm with the power valve would be a lot easier off road bike. Ktm will be pricier to maintain. Both of those bikes are pretty trick.
  2. kdub442

    My bike is possessed

    Never on a motorcycle, but yes on jet skis. We used to call it free reving, and was typically caused by a leaking case. A real lean condition would make it happen.
  3. kdub442

    KTM50 buying used, what years are best?

    Wire brush the flywheel, and the stator contacts. If that doesn't work, most likely the stator. That is a common failure.
  4. kdub442

    Recommended Youth/Kids Boots

    Forma cougar boots are the best youth boots I've found. The are super comfortable out of the box. Top quality. They will outgrow them before they wear out. Not cheap, but worth it. We have used A-star and fox comp5 boots, and those are junk compared to Forma. Kid wore out the bottom and the ankles rubbed the buckle plastic off in 5-6 months of moderate riding.
  5. kdub442

    07 KTM 50sx clutch conversion to springs?

    Put the springs in and add some spacer washers to the bottom of the spring. Get the engagement you want. Gear for track or trail. Then shim spring for engagement to gearing.
  6. kdub442

    KTM 50 SX ignition

    If you haven't start playing with the suspension set up. Typically if your kid isn't running as fast as they are comfortable with that will bring more speed. Rather than engine mods. I've seen the most tricked out bikes get beat by stock bikes with good set up and rider. It is hard to buy speed.
  7. kdub442

    My 2004 cr250

    Change your front tire, or all the stickers that say Dunlop.
  8. kdub442

    Piston Direction CR250

    The SK is the exhaust side. The IN means the Intake, which means it faces the carb.
  9. kdub442

    Kx 65

    We were challenged by small hands, and the clutch engaging at the almost release point. Basically all the clutch was at the last 1/4 inch of his fingers being fully extended. We ended up getting some ASV adjustable levers to move the lever closer. Made a huge difference in learning. My oldest son who is much bigger never had the problems of the clutch lever being to far out.
  10. kdub442


    They oval the carb throat, and polish it. Makes the air accelerate better through the carb.
  11. kdub442


    TH Racing has a national mod motor package. It includes isotropic finish on transmission, porting, and stuffing, with head and carb work. They are really good with a lot of the small bikes.
  12. kdub442


    I had the Fatty pipe. It did a lot for the mid range. Lowered where the power band kicked in. Making it much easier to ride on the pipe more. I don't have experience with the PC pipe. I used Fatty pipe and silencer with V-force reeds. It worked really well. Later I had the engine modded, and it really livened it up. You can also advance the timing a little for more low end. Not having a power valve like the KTM makes having better mid important for coming out of corners. Clutch work too. We had the KX 65 then the KX85. The power valve became a little bit of a crutch, and we it took us several rides to be able to effectively ride the YZ85 like we do now.
  13. Base line shock settings. http://www.powerbandracing.com/technical-baselines-shock.html Base line fork settings http://www.powerbandracing.com/technical-baselines-forks.html Fork spring http://www.powerbandracing.com/parts-forksprings.html Shock spring http://www.powerbandracing.com/parts-shocksprings.html This is the base line, and then YouTube.
  14. kdub442

    2009 ktm 65 fouling plugs.

    Your jetting is probably off. Without much of a description in the description we can only guess. Most likely need to go one size smaller on the main. Possible needle change too.
  15. kdub442

    How long will a kid wear a new helmet?

    With either replacing do to out growing, crashing, or just wearing them out. We are on helmet #7 from age 5 to just turning 13.