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  1. Hey fellas, I’m new to the forum, but have been browsing various threads for some time now. I tried to find some threads that were similar to my situation, but like most posters, mine of course feels unique. I have been looking to buy a dirtbike after a long season of on/off riding (twice-four times a year). I’m 21yo, 5’11”, weighing 195 corn-fed pounds with no gear on. My budget is around $4000, and I will be riding primarily on atv trails and logging roads, as well as exploring smaller mx tracks and single tracks. I also would love to start fostering some mechanic skills. I started riding when I was 13 and worked my way up to feeling comfortable on a Husqvarna wr125 and a crf250x around the age of 16, but that was 5 years ago. Occasionally I go riding with some buddies that have an extra crf230, which is fun, but the suspension bottoms out if I hit a dust pile the right way. But enough background… There is a good deal nearby on a 2011 KTM 350 xcf that looks brand new and comes with some extras (air filters, tires, etc.), and I’ve been seriously considering purchasing it. I feel like if I put a 7oz flywheel weight and G2 throttle tamer on it, it could take enough punch away for me not to launch myself into a tree, ditch, or another person. HOWEVER, I also don’t want to make a $4000 mistake on a bike that scares me every time I ride it. The dirtbike market in my area is surprisingly slim, so I’ve been having some trouble finding the appropriate bike. So instead of buying a new crf230 (the only new bike near my budget), and modding it until its what I need (which will put me way over budget), Id like to see if this ktm will be right for me. I like the idea of a super light bike that has room for me to grow, but I don't wanna hate the bike until I'm skilled enough to ride it well. I appreciate any direction you guys could give me directly or by pointing me to another thread, thank you!