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  1. Guys I just bought a dang nice KTM for a good price a couple months ago and rode a little bit and so far so good, and have a few questions. 1. I know the 2008 have oil migration issues but people say there were some with this problem in 2009. Is this true or is the 2009 models free from it. So far my bike doesn't have this issue with it. 2. this bike has some mods such as the dirt tricks cam chain tensioner and JD jetting so that is good, is there other upgrades I need to do? 3. When should I rebuild the top end such as piston and rings, this bike was owned by a grandpa that hardly rode it and only had 42 hours on it when I bought it. So far there is no oil consumption. I don't ride my bikes hard and I am very great on maintenance. Thanks guys for listening and if you know something about these bikes please reply so I can upgrade it and keep this bike nice. Here is a pic for you.
  2. Idahomegrown

    KTM VS HONDA 450!?!?

    I know and its really tempting, but the KTM is way nicer condition and not that much more. I am also shorter so I think the KTM's electric start is a huge plus.
  3. Hey guys, looking for a 450 dirt bike. I ride mostly wide open sand dunes and single tracks, sometimes a track but not often. I have narrowed my search down to a 2008 Honda crf450r and a 2009 KTM 450 XC-W. 1. 2008 Honda crf450r, Good condition, looks fairly clean, does not have a hour meter but does have a aftermarket trail tech device. I think would excel at the dunes and great on on the track, but I don't track that often. I think it might not do as well in the single track unless I geared it down but then again it only has 5 gears. People say the suspension on these bikes are amazing as well as the engine. 2. 2009 KTM 450 XC-W, Great condition only 41.9 hours on it, everything looks very clean. Semi-close 6 speed which I think would be awesome for my riding situations. I think it would do great in every area but might not be totally suitable on the track, but I don't ride there often. I heard these bikes run a very long time if taken care of. It is a little more but willing to pay it. There was a YZ but it was rode hard and didn't think it was clean enough. What do you guys think?? I think I am leaning towards the KTM personaly. Thanks