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  1. theclone

    Video from Johnson Valley

    lets ride! I lost your number dude, hit me up!
  2. theclone

    Lucerne this Monday.

    I'll be out there with my buddy, both of us ride YZ250 2 strokes. If you want, stop by, say hi, maybe join us on a ride... always down to meet new riding buddies. Anybody planning on heading out that way? Wheres everybody riding this fine Memorial Day weekend?
  3. found out the balljoints and UCA are one piece... hence the high price. another bright idea from Ford. I'm located in corona. Let me think about it... I appreciate it
  4. 2WD actually... quoted me for $750 on parts and labor for new control arm balljoints. Sound about right?
  5. theclone

    Corona to Glen Helen - SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY

    Can't make it this year... gotta make that paper.
  6. Good call, yeah I think I'll do that.
  7. After months of abuse off roading, my little old ford ranger needs some TLC in the front end. The front has become completely clapped out and needs some tightening up. I'm no professional mechanic, but I'm pretty sure it needs a new rack & pinion, and possibly the upper control arm bushings need to be replaced. Oh, and it squeaks pretty bad going over bumps. So my question is, how hard would it be to do the work myself? I planned on using the money I got from my old bike to take it to a mechanic, but now I'm starting to wonder if I can just do it in my driveway instead.
  8. theclone

    My Bike.

    If you want to get the most out of selling it, you should put some new rubber on there, and fix those bars!
  9. The hotel I stayed at in san fran didn't have a 4th floor. the buttons in the elevator went from 3 to 5.. We asked the lady at the front desk and she told us it was because it was owned by orientals and they believe 4 is the number of death or something like that.
  10. theclone

    Best Wallpaper Ever..

    moto skanks, gotta love em.
  11. theclone

    my bro hitting balls hill

    they dont have hills like we do in cali. seriously though... that hill is about the same as the kind of hills you would encounter on any normal trail ride out here.
  12. theclone

    my bro hitting balls hill

    agreed... sorry.
  13. well i think I might have found the problem... the idler pulley seems shot. I literally just replaced that thing. I can wiggle it back and forth. Oh well, it just one of the many things that I need to get fixed on this damn truck.