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  1. Adam Brown

    Xtrainer 2019 clutch mod

    Hi I was wondering if anyone as done the washer clutch mod to the new Xtrainer? I’ve seen the video and noticed the new Xtrainer has a different clutch (6 springs). cheers
  2. Adam Brown

    Xtrainer turn flashers/indicators issue

    Why would I need to unplug the dash light? What would I gain? Apart from loosing the dash light? The flashers are fine...? cheers
  3. Adam Brown

    Xtrainer turn flashers/indicators issue

    Thanks for your reply, I have just order a new relay which is adjustable? Cheers
  4. Hi i have fitted some led flashers and fitted an led relay, the lights flash fine although the flasher light is always lit on the digital dash even when there not flashing. Any ideas? cheers