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  1. Surfdog57

    Wings or Akropovic?

    Btw. With a few hundred miles on the new pipe I can say it’s juuuust Loud enough in my helmet to hear my bike while listening to pink Floyd. No tach so that’s why I swapped to a “louder” pipe. It’s just about perfect for me.
  2. Surfdog57

    Surfdog hoes thumping.

    Guanella pass
  3. Surfdog57

    Wings or Akropovic?

    I thought I did! [emoji848]
  4. Surfdog57

    Wings Exhaust

    Mine too. Here’s before and after comparison videos It’s just right in my helmet to hear with music playing. Not too loud to be annoying for the neighborhood That’s with the louder included insert.
  5. Surfdog57

    Wings or Akropovic?

    I just put on wings. Here’s a comparison video [/url] Stock vrs wings with louder insert. (Comes with a quieter one)
  6. Surfdog57

    Surfdog hoes thumping.

    Here’s a before and after video of the Wings exhaust
  7. I think the 701 and 690 will both feel about the same on dirt roads. They have about the same front wheel, ride geometry and height.
  8. No. You have to listen to them. (Which I think is a better way to ride anyhow so I don’t miss it)
  9. I agree. Tall bike. I’m 6”1’ and it took a bit of getting used to. On the plus side, good clearance under there. It begins to feel right after a few days bombing around.
  10. My 2019 seems pretty stable on tarmac and great on rough trails. My only slight issue is how it tends to wander/slide a bit on dirt/fire roads. My SM converted DRZ 400 with a knobby tire on a wider super moto rim feels much more stable on dusty dirt roads. I’ve done hundreds of miles of 80 MPH highway stuff on the new KTM and it feels great. Just watch it a bit running the back road washboards. The new electrics are awesome. I run them on most of the time and just kick off traction control now and then when it gets technical. The ABS doesn’t get in the way at all unless you are really on it and then it usually helps more than hurts.
  11. Surfdog57

    Surfdog hoes thumping.

    There very different bikes. 790 is a big road focused road bike for multi day x country rides The 690 is more of a day tripper. 790 much more road comfortable, 690 much more manageable on trails. I’m more of a 80/20 trails/highway guy I’d call the 790 closer to 40/60? There both VERY cool bikes. But very different too!
  12. Surfdog57

    Surfdog hoes thumping.

    I installed my seat concepts cover. (They only make a cover so far or I would have bought the whole seat) I looks nice and seems a bit more comfortable Also I drilled my covers and installed my rear rack with a roto pack mount.
  13. Surfdog57

    Surfdog hoes thumping.

    Some terrible video.
  14. Surfdog57

    Surfdog hoes thumping.

    Love it. I’ve been waiting for this bike. All that stuff can turn off on more technical trails but is pretty nice when I’m just bombing around. I guarantee the ABS has saved me from dropping my bike a few times in gravel. (Because I’m no pro and the thing is pretty big and feels a bit heavy). You just have to remember to change ride maps when going from hardball to dirt and back. Not a lot of accessories yet. Soon I’m sure. Great 60/40 road/trail bike. (Maybe the best out there)
  15. Surfdog57

    Surfdog hoes thumping.

    Little guy and neighbor kids have joined my biker crew.