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  1. Roy Kaplan

    Broken Clavicle Progress

    Broke my clavicle in gymnastics over 40 years ago. No surgery just a brace and a sling for a while. No ill-effects yet since it healed. It was a complete break as my shoulder was up against my neck. The healed bone is a little thicker than my other one.
  2. Roy Kaplan

    Bent Shifter prevention

    My foot is fine thanks guys. Yeah I'm pretty sure it was on the log didn't notice it for a while cuz I was in second didn't need to shift till the end of the trail. I'm pretty sure I must have lifted my foot out of the way. I did see the end of the downed tree hiding in the grass in time for my foot but not for the shifter. Lots of logs and broken trees where I ride. Had a couple of big wind storms this year. I know it may not prevent lever damage in the future but it will stop the branches from getting behind there which happens once in awhile. The cable works great on the brake lever haven't had an issue since adding it. The brake lever came with the cable, the OEM lever was worn out. The kdx does it right.
  3. Anyone ever put one of these safety cables like I have on my brake lever on the shifter? Just bent another one on a log in the woods. My plan is to get another shifter and buy a safety cable. I think I may connect it so it attaches at to the outside part of the folding lever.
  4. I've been riding a 450x for 10 years and never overheated once on the single track.. I've also putted around plenty. Has a coolant capture tank works very well in the heat and in the woods. I was riding singletrack a week ago and it was 91 out.
  5. Roy Kaplan

    2 wheeler vs 4 wheeler for young lad

    I'm not a site I am me. I have both quads and bikes amd I have posted on quad forums too. I purchasef a Can-Am renegade 800 new in 08 and I still own it. It is more dangerous than my 450 or my 500 dirt bike. it weighs over a hundred pounds more than both bikes combined. Quads are fun but if it lands on you it will probably hurt. I think you made a smart choice. Just get lots of gear! Dirt biking is also similar to other fun like jet skiing and snow skiing and it will teach balance and control that you wouldn't learn as easily on a quad. It's not because of the danger that I prefer bikes. I personally have much more fun on a motorcycle.
  6. Roy Kaplan

    2 wheeler vs 4 wheeler for young lad

    Agreed. Quads are heavy and can tip over pretty easily.
  7. Very true.. I leave my rim locks in and just balance the wheel. The rim locks are so heavy they make the tire leap off the ground at around 45 miles an hour or so. You don't feel it much in the dirt it's true but they do help there also. One thing to remember is your balancing out the rim lock and when you change tires you don't have to rebalance as the minor imbalance is no big deal compared to the rim lock 4-6 oz's. I use the motion pro wheel balancer and use it on my Street bikes too.
  8. Roy Kaplan

    I love riding

    Yes the more you ride the better you will feel. I'll be 62 next month and this year is my 50th anniversary in the dirt. I recently went on a trip and I rode 5 days straight. I would have kept going if we didn't have to come home. The key took me 35 to 40 years of riding to learn is to relax. I used to get arm pump now I can ride all day and never get it. Going to slow is also exhausting. Let the bike do its work - they are amazing. I do use a bicycle on non riding days to keep my legs in shape.
  9. I owned CF500's from 1985 until 2012. Never had to do anything except top ends and maintain the suspension linkage. The brakes sucked compared to newer bikes.
  10. Roy Kaplan

    Why does my front tire wear like this?

    Did you read the last sentence dude?WTF relax a bit will you.. either that or f off. Many people don't practice enough in quick stops and if you get used to using the back brake only that's what you going to do when you need to stop.
  11. Roy Kaplan

    Why does my front tire wear like this?

    Don't like this advice. you should be automatically using front brakes. In an emergency stop not using the front is bad news. I guess it's okay if your reflex uses them.
  12. Roy Kaplan

    Well sh## my oil bolt is siezed and rounded

    Have used both of these solutions in the past and they both work.
  13. yes I had a 68 Yamaha 360 Enduro registered when I was fifteen and I drove it for years on the street and in the dirt and never serviced it. It ran great when I sold it. it was four years old when I bought it and I bet the guy I got it from never touched it either.
  14. Roy Kaplan

    10 points for Alpinestars

    I checked it turns out I bought them in 2007 with my CRf and now they're almost like new again. definitely the most comfortable boots I've ever owned and I've been riding for 50 years this summer. None of my other boots lasted half as long as these have so far. The inner booty makes them really comfy. My buddy just bought Tech 7"s they don't have a booty but I'm not sure if they're padded like these.
  15. Roy Kaplan

    Spark Plug question

    This is true but you really can't read a used plug. Plug readings are supposed to be taken with a new plug at wide open throttle when the the engine is then cut immediately and rolled to a stop. Two strokes will generally always have dark plugs if they've been in there for a while due to the the oil they burn. If the bike is running fine and you're not fowling plugs... Forget what color it is and keep riding.