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  1. Kris87

    Lithium charging (Tusk)

    I am also concerned with this battery pack. I use these batterys in my ecig. And have good understanding of their hazards.The ones I use in my ecig are 18650 30amp 3500mah 3.7V but charge to 4.2V each, I use 3 at once. The battery device I use is protcted & will not let me use the ecig if any of 3 batterys falls below 3.4V. If you run these batterys below 3.2V they will never fully charge again. After about 200 charge cycles they dont fully charge to 4.2V On a proper nitcore charger these start charging at 750mah till they hit 3.7V then top off at 400ma to 4.2V takes about 4 hours. I also use protected batterys which greatly decreases chance of short. I buy from Liion battery supplier All that being said I highly doubt these 18650 cells are protected. The rating on the pack is 2000mah which is very low for 3. I think its 2000mah each probably 15 or 20 amp each that would make more sense. Charging these at 1.5amp is scary. I think Im going to find a way to make my own battery pack so I can charge these separately and properly and I will know the cells are protected. But heed my warning 1. The pack says made in China so they are most likely bottom of barrel pics (rewraps). Only LG, SONY, SAMSUNG & Tesla make these batterys. Any other brand comes from these companys rewrapped 2. If u go to test these and accidentally hit neg & pos with ur probe KABOOM 3. If 1 of the 3 is bad or goes bad While charging or discharging KABOOM 4. If you discharge batter down to far pulling to many watts KABOOM 5. If the case gets scratched deep or is smashed KABOOM 6. Charging when its below freezing or above 120F is also a very bad Idea and I doubt the charger will care I would consider it very dangerous to not constantly monitor the voltage in this pack while charging & discharging and do not attach it to your reg/rec
  2. Kris87

    New club in Corona, CA

    How do i create a mc on thumper talk. Just looking for people to ride with. TIA
  3. Kris87

    xr400 chain guard need

    I know this is old post, but im in same boat with my xr4. Was thinking of getting a 650L guard then drilling n tapping some brackets in swingarm.
  4. Kris87

    carb overflow tubes leak when gas on

    Ahhh I cant figure it out. Im still leaking fuel. Replaced every o'ring, new float &float valve, cleaned everything & set float at 14.5 - 19.5 as per trailrider42 recommendation and still leaking bad. Checked 2x. I also did hot water trick to heat baffle to get it to seat tight. Any help would be appreciated. TIA
  5. Kris87

    XR400 Cam Chain

    If u are doing this mod with xr400 after top end & have to move crank for tdc this chain will bind eaisly in bottom of case. And because there is no play like stock chain u cant jingle it back on. If it slips off bottom gear while installing cam n sprocket u have to pull case cover to re install u have been warned
  6. Kris87

    CRF Cam chain in XR400 queries

    Sorry chain just barely pinched while putting piston through cylinder. Needed a real flashlight. All gog now
  7. Kris87

    CRF Cam chain in XR400 queries

    Installed the chain put cylinder back now chain guid wont seat (New or old) I can see the guide hitting chain at bottom please help. Should i just pull side cover to see what the heck is going on?
  8. Kris87

    Rejetting XR400

    I got the side cover all put back together and I'm cleaning all my top end parts and I just realized one of the washers is thicker than the others that go underneath the nuts on the head according to the parts diagrams the only one that is a separate number for the washer is next to the cam chain sprocket but in the book it says that the thicker one goes behind where the spark plug Mount is if you can answer this question for me I'll give you a cookie I can't find a direct answer online I'm leaning more towards what the book says
  9. Kris87

    Rejetting XR400

    I just pulled the cam chain guide out slid the gear off of the oil pump undid the three bolts that hold the oil pump in slide that out from underneath the main gear and then the chain had plenty of room to come out right out.
  10. Kris87

    Rejetting XR400

    Unless I'm missing something they skipped right over that part it just goes in the description to take the clutch basket apart and then how to take the oil pump apart I pulled the oil pump it was easy and I got it right out thanks for the reply
  11. Kris87

    Rejetting XR400

    I have the haynes
  12. Kris87

    Rejetting XR400

    Okay I got it off when I'm trying to figure out and can't figure out is I'm guessing I have to pull the oil pump in order to slip the new cam chain on it looks easier than pulling that nut off with the other gears that the cam chains connected to thanks
  13. Kris87

    Rejetting XR400

    I can't get the right side cover off I found it on it lately with a mallet and give it a couple whacks with a two-by-four and a and a hammer I hit things with a hammer for a living I know how hard you can hit a piece of cast aluminum before you break it and I'm right on The Fringe of that and it still won't come off should I just heat it up and hope for the best with the kickstarter seal
  14. Kris87

    Rejetting XR400

    The welds on header are a good 1/4 inch up I figure I can take an 1/8. I have considered drilling the holes in exaust. Gordons mods. Right now Im waiting for cylinder to get done & clutch basket tool so I can install 450 cam chain. Hopefully friend at sunoco will let me borrow snapon torque wrench as I dont own 1.
  15. Kris87

    Xr400 Battery Add on

    Hmmm so Im ds my 01 xr4 and have been beating my head aginst the wall with google calculators trying to figure out if my stock stator will overcharge the battery. So far as I worked out the stock stator 75-80watts pushing close to 14.4 volts puts out close to 5 ah. This will inturn charge a 2.2ah lead acid battery in less than an hr. Plan on using baha designs regulator rectifier. I must of missed somthing please help