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  1. lankydoug

    TM Flat Track bikes

    I had a 1976 kx125 in the late 70s that was set up for flat track but at age 14 I didn't have any way of getting to the races so I switched to motocross where I could bum a ride from my friends parents. Getting back into it at my age I'm not expecting anything but to have fun. There's a small group in southern Illinois that's close enough for me to make a few races and I made a TT practice track on my land in Missouri. I'm going to have to buy a bike and take the plunge. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
  2. Fully compressing the cartridge should properly purge it. At 2:55 inner chamber extends fully by itself. This is how I've always done it. Are you saying something different is correct?
  3. You should not experience coil bind using the 2 stroke spring with a spacer. Theoretically the longer 4 stroke spring will be more forgiving when setting sag and also fade less and last longer but none of those are big issues on the 2 stroke so it's not a big deal. Also to share some info about some of the above posts, in the 4 stroke Yamaha manual there is a plus or minus window of about 30cc for the outer chamber. Also after servicing the inner chamber compress the cartridge all the way and make sure the cartridge extends fully before assembling it in the fork leg. This will make sure it's fully charged with oil and doesn't have air in it.
  4. lankydoug

    TM Extreme Enduro

    Pay a top rider to win a series and all the sudden the bike is capable.. lol. Local pros beat Beta and KTMs on Yamahas that have basically been the same since 2006. TM is capable right now. My money is on Cody Webb and what ever bike he decides to ride.
  5. lankydoug

    Trials bike for single track

    Trials bikes don't have durable enough brakes and suspension parts to trail ride mile after mile like an enduro can. In other words if you put hard miles on a trials bike it will be clapped out in no time. Trials bikes are for short sections of difficult obstacles where light weight and agility is the top priority. An x-trainer is probably the best choice for what you want to do. I've owned trials bikes and having one will greatly improve your skills and ability to make line choices that you would have never considered before. I believe you need an enduro and a trials bike. Get both and you'll probably choose one over the other after awhile and sell the one you ride the least, meanwhile your riding will improve by giving you a different outlook.
  6. lankydoug

    TM Flat Track bikes

    I went to a Hooligan race in Tulsa OK as a spectator just to get an idea of what kind of bike I'd like to race. First thing I noticed was there's multiple classes and options to race all different kinds of bikes from vintage dirt to modern street bikes. I'm thinking of either buying supermoto wheels for my 2017 en300 or possibly building an older XR or maybe just ordering a new TM ready to race. I know from experience that building a custom bike or car you can take what you think it's going to cost and double or triple it.
  7. lankydoug

    2019 TM 300MX Smart Carb Review

    I'm curious if anyone has run the Smart carb back to back to a Lectron and how do they compare. I've ran a Lectron with good results, in fact my review would be nearly identical to your review of the Smart Carb. So far I'm really liking my stock Keihin on my en300 and can't really justify the expense of a Lectron. Since the Smart carb is considerably more expensive than the Lectron it would have to be way better for me to drop $700 + on one.
  8. lankydoug

    Tm 450 Thinking in buying

    My son demo rode a 2017 450 and said it was smooth and deceptively fast. He said it had a long linear power band with gobs of torque which made it easy to clear big jumps with short approaches. He over jumped a big triple to flat on the first lap because of how easily it made power and hooked up. He is very tall and felt like he could ride it exactly like it came from the factory.
  9. lankydoug

    TM Specific forum

    I'm about to change it because it has a tiny stutter at the last 1/8 travel to wide open throttle. I have a 185 main in it now so I'll probably go a step richer and see how it reacts.
  10. lankydoug

    AMA Flat Track racing

    No replies in 4 years, wow. I'd like to find a flat track forum.
  11. Flat track motorcycle racing is a sport that I have loved since the 1970s when it was fading out and motocross was gaining popularity. Flat track is rapidly gaining popularity and I've been drooling over the TM flat track bikes and checking into getting a steel shoe. I'd really like to hear from anyone who has bought and is or has been racing Flat track on a TM. How competitive are they compared to converted Japanese bikes? What kind of local flat track racing is happening near you?
  12. lankydoug

    TM Specific forum

    My TM en300 is by far the best bike I've ever owned or ridden. When friends of mine ride my bike they immediately want one which if that holds true for other TM riders it won't be long before the TM brand takes off in the USA. A TM specific forum would be great!!
  13. I used a 5.2 and it balanced out with the .48 fork springs. I had a 5.0 stock and had a bunch of preload in it and still it wouldn't handle right.
  14. That should work out great. Just out of curiosity how much do you weigh since you're going with the same .48 fork springs as me? I weigh 200-215 lbs. and I'm 6'6" tall so I usually have to go with slightly stiffer springs because of my height and leverage especially on the rear spring.
  15. The 2 stroke Yamaha springs are shorter and you would have to make a spacer or machine a new snap ring groove in the cartridge and move the spring retainer. The snap ring grove solution is often used in the other direction to use the longer 4 stroke spring in the 2 stroke. I used some long .48 springs that I took out of a 2011 yz450and they work well for me.