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  1. Kenda Parker DT 120/100-18 Did the Rekluse because I'm riding tighter stuff and on the newer side to riding. I can use the clutch and not get caught up on super tight/steep technical stuff. So far I dig it.
  2. New Kenda/Pirelli's on along with Rekluse clutch. ?Next will be the exhaust...
  3. Goodies just came in today... Nitro Mousse, Kenda Parker DT 120/100-18 Rear, Pirelli MT 90/90-21 front. The Kenda's are BEEFY compared to stock, can't wait to get them on and ride. More pics to come.
  4. Installed the RadiusX on my 450L and ran into issues today. Followed everything to a tee. All plates put in appropriate order and made sure to use the washer... My issue is the bike didn't want to idle in 1st.... Adjusted clutch all the way and still no dice. Tried the different springs... still not dice. I added another washer and finally the bike would sit in first but still wanted to pull a bit. The clutch had to be adjusted super tight... While I guess things kind of work, the clutch definitely isn't working to fullest potential. Anyone have similar issues or tips? Going to call Rekluse on Monday to see what they have to say. Thx. Pony
  5. Thanks for the advice - Went with HiFlo.
  6. Hi Everyone.. Rookie question. What replacement oil filter are you all running for your 450L's? I'm getting ready to change my oil for first time. Thx!
  7. Been working on the bike. Still a bunch to do but this is what I have done so far: - Pro Taper Contour Woods High Bars & Rubber Mounts - Acerbis Hand Guards - Emperor Racing Radiator Guard - Flat Land Racing Skid Plate - Fastway Evolution 4 Pegs (Low Position) - Nice difference this makes for me. I'm 6'5. - Removed Front Reflectors -Removes Plastic on Swing Arm - Removed License Plate Bracket - I am going to modify one out of current parts or find a kit soon. - Some New Pro Taper Grips - Wired In.
  8. TT what rear bag is that? Working well for you? I checked but couldn't find where you listed. Nice looking rig!
  9. Just ordered one as well - Can't wait to get on the bike.
  10. Just picked my bike on Thursday. I noticed immediately.... down shift, give a little rev and engine stalls with clutch fully depressed before releasing.
  11. Hey everyone, just got my 450L home on Thursday and have gotten some miles in. Already put in some orders.... Emperor Racing Radiator Frame Acerbis X-Factor Hand Guards Flatland Racing Skid Plate - Black I plan on going to a bigger tank but that will be a few months down the line. My big questions is... Have any of you made adjustments for tall riders? I know this has been beat to death but I am curious how you have set up your bars and pegs? I am 6'4 220ish, standing on the bike is more like a crouch hahaha. Know it won't be perfect considering these bikes have been designed for shorter riders, but thinking I can definitely optimize. What are you going with? Bars? Mounts? Pegs? Tall Seat? Thanks!
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