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  1. WOW! Love those snow bikes!!! I have just GOT to organize a winter holiday in the U.S. Its now on my bucket list to ride one of those in the snow. Mass
  2. No need to pull the lever in, as it flows into the master cylinder through the relief valve as per normal operation when you release the brake lever. While you don't have to empty the line, but you will need to suck out the old fluid as it fills the master cylinder, but it is best to empty it especially if you are using a different new fluid. You will see the bubbles coming up in the master as you fill. Once you have done it this way, you'll never muck around with the front brakes again. Hope this helps. The Mass
  3. The easiest way to bleed your front brake is to get a large syringe and a hose then fill the system from the bleed screw up to the master. Works every time - no air.
  4. Hey Stickit. Where abouts are you located? If you could send me your old ones, I could machine some new aluminium ones up if you like? Cheers Mass p.s. Yes - I do drink beer :-)
  5. Hey Guys This is more of a shout out to the Aussies on here, a bit of a story.... so here goes... I picked up a 2012 150SX real cheap - as in REAL CHEAP! from a guy who had got his bike back from the Cops after it had been stolen and recovered. Now, the knuckle dragging low-lifes (there is always at least 2 of them) knew that the bike needed fuel - but didn't realise that they needed to add oil to the gas!!! So, the bike has a seized bottom end. I know the bike can be repaired and put together and will be a great little bike, and before you say "just ride it as a 150...." I WANT a 200... and this is a great (and cheap) way to make a linkage (small) framed 200. Yes, I could put this together as is - sell it then buy a 200 - but where is the fun in that? Now, all I need is a barrel c/w powervalve; head and crank from a parted out 200. I can make or buy the rest I need off the shelf. My appeal to the Aussies is, if you know of the availability of these parts can you please let me know? Thanks in advance. Mass
  6. Hi Max You could just source a complete carb set up from the 625 SXC. While you're there, an SXC CDI unit would give the 640 a nice kick as well. Should be all plug'n'play into your bike. It may not be the cheapest way - but surely the easiest. Good luck. Mass
  7. I think initially there is more future in a motorised mountain bike like the Sur-Ron http://www.sur-ron.com/bee?_l=en At half the entry ticket as well as half the weight (50 kg) it would become more of a "play thing" than an alternative to the MX / Enduro bike. Unfortunately, I reckon I might be long gone by the time they invent a performance hybrid off road bike - similar to the McLaren P1, La Ferrari etc is to cars where the electric motor is there just for the "extra" power where you want it. Mass
  8. I have ridden with both Akro’s and Wings and they both sounded as good if not better than any Ducati.
  9. Reckon I would start with a 170 or 175 main, as a 185 seems a little too big unless you are running a full Akro system and head work done. But I think the initial bogging is from too much squirt from the pump. The RFS models suffered from this bogging from factory because too rich is much safer than too lean. Hope this helps. Cheers Mass
  10. Check that it’s had the clutch ball bearing changed to a roller. This can be done without splitting the cases with a hand made tool a bit of know how and a LOT of luck. There was a great write up on ADVRider some years ago. Cheers Mass
  11. Sorry to say that you’re pretty much stuck with the left foot kick. The electric start cranks are longer to accept the ring gear associated with the starter - or something like that. I considered the same with a 660 SMC and that’s what I was led to believe. Cheers Mass
  12. Hi Jack. You wouldn't happen to still have the top end of the 200 would you? I am chasing a crank with rod, barrel with power valve and head. If you do, work out a price and let me know. I will be over there in a month or so. cheers Mass
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