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  1. Yes I’ve seen both airbox designs on those bikes and even owned a kdx years ago they both feed air from under the seat And have a nice enclosed box. The ktm has gaps around both sides and is made up of a few pieces rather than one moulded unit. Not really a fair comparison
  2. Yea I have emailed them. What bike are you riding? As other manufacturers seem to have better airbox designs to ktm
  3. Yes I pressure wash but I Remove filter and put a plastic ktm wash cover on. I do everything by the book down to oiling and drying times. It’s dirt and it’s passing my filters!
  4. Pics as promised this has happened with no toil and now twin air filters on this bike.
  5. Thanks for the reply I will post a picture later of what’s happened. I do grease the rim before fitting filter. Also the dirt is apparent on the inside middle area of the filter not around the edges!! The dirt has 100% passed through the oil and the filter.
  6. Again it’s not coming in through the sealing ring, it’s passing through filter
  7. Also the trouble is these newer ktms don’t breath well as it is, closing up areas water gets in is going to suffocate the engine even more. my 2006 exc had gaps all over the airbox And would always be a lot dirtier inside than this 2019 after a ride, but I never ever seen dirt pass the filter on the older bike. I don’t get it. I don’t believe the issue to be water getting into the airbox, this is going to happen. The issue is that it’s getting past the filter
  8. Thanks for all the reply’s. Yes I use rim grease. And I am the most careful person ever when doing my filters, to the point my friends take the piss out of me for being so particular. Il get a picture tomorrow but the dirty mark seems to be a curved shape of which I think matches the breathing gap where you would put your fingers to pull the airbox side cover off, this is on the 19 300xc if anyone has one? there are two variables that I can think of but please give me your opinions on this. 1: I trimmed the plastic flap back in order to let the engine breath better 2: I oiled the filter but didn’t ride when I planned in the end so the filter sat on the bike for 10 days before I went out. I really love the ease of no toil but if it lets water through it can’t be any good.
  9. Hi guys, Right. I’ve used the red no toil filter oil for years and am only recently on my new 2019 300xc starting to see issues with it, my 2006 250exc was fine. basically this is the 3rd time now I’ve taken the filter off to swap it for my wash cover to find a brown stain on the inside of the filter and also a coating of dried dirt on the intake boot (I clean this boot religiously before new filters get fitted) on a dry day the filters spotless inside and I’m only seing this on wet days when there’s lots of puddles about. I’m thinking that water is splashing into the airbox onto the filter and that the no toil oil just doesn’t stop water getting past? Has anyone had trouble with no toil oil on a wet day? Thanks
  10. Tried 43-75 #1 and went back to the richer 42-75 #2 because the bike felt too zingy like a 125, ran clean and reved out nice but just didn’t have that nice fat and full feeling when the power comes on. The richer splutter low down would have annoyed me before but after comparing the two I prefer the richer needle when the power comes on compared to the leaner one. I also bumped up the main to 460 and it feels like it’s got more power up top now.
  11. This post seems a good chance for me to ask... I’m running fully synth, my mate runs castor 927 and it smells awesome!! Does the castor really gum up modern 2 strokes? Is the extra maintenance (if there is any) worth the smell? Bikes a torquey ktm 300 and I ride mostly in the torque range with the odd high rpm blasts
  12. 2019 ktm 300xc rock oil synthesis 2 racing (because it’s readily available on the shelf in my area, and never had an issue with it) mixing 40:1 because I feel 60:1 isn’t enough in my opinion and once again never had an issue with this ratio in the past. Bikes all jetted according to run this ratio and I’m happy with the amount of spooge and the way the bike runs?? Edit: I also like to see a coating of oil on the cylinder wall when looking up through the exhaust port after the bikes been left overnight, that’s how I know the bottom end is lubed enough, wasn’t seing it with 60:1
  13. I want another 250 am bored of the 300 now. Where I just cruise up hills and banks at low rpm all my mates are spinning up them full throttle making loads of noise. The torque makes these bikes too easy to ride and in my opinion takes the fun out of it. Edit: I say bored but really I never fully took to the 300 like I did a 250. This is my first 300 And it’s my fault for not trying one first I spose. Got caught in the rut of wanting what the top riders have.
  14. Is this the platinum pipe? Did that not give you a top end performance increase?
  15. Inner clutch hubs shouldn’t be this tight but In my case a previous owner had locktighted it on, bodged this up a few years ago lol
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