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  1. skthom2320

    New kx450 clacking???

    Sorry for being late to the party. I am 99% sure what you are hearing is detonation. Try mixing 1 gal VP or Sunoco 110 with 3-4 gal of premium and see if that takes care of it. This happened on my brand new 13 KXF and I called the local race shop guru who passed that along. That took care of it and I put 130 hours on it after. I do the same thing with my '17 ( 1 gal VP or Sunoco 110 to 3-4 gal of premium). You don't need to run full race fuel at all, even this ratio brings up the average octane enough to avoid the detonation.
  2. skthom2320

    Throttle position sensor issue?

    Temperature sensor is known to be s problem on these. It's a bit exposed behind the cylinder head and can get corroded connection.
  3. skthom2320

    KXF 450 2018 mapping

    Just try this before you start spending money on ignitions and mapping it... go buy some vp or Sunoco 110 and add 1 gallon of that to 3-4 gallons of pump. That should take care of the detonation. You don't need "race gas", you just need a bit higher octane than pump fuel. Mixing the 110 this way should raise the average octane per gallon enough to stop the pinging. It worked on my '13 and I do the same with my 17. A local race shop gave me this tip. I was ready to do the same as you, but I put 130+ hrs on my 13 after I started mixing 110 and pump and never had it detonate again.
  4. skthom2320

    Which year 450f?

    Can try to lube the cable or install a new cable. The clutch is the same for all years but there may be some differences in the actuator arm leverage or bracket. But it's a 450, the clutch actuation is not going to be feather light! :-)
  5. skthom2320

    Which year 450f?

    Get the newest you can afford. They are basically bullet proof. '13-14 had kyb airforks, 15-18 have showa airforks. Air forks in general are more difficult to set up than spring forks, but for just getting back to the sport will work fine. The 16-up bikes are all new chassis and handle better. But all the FI bikes were really good for their era.
  6. skthom2320

    Anyone running ohlins suspension on there kx450f?

    Those are good prices. I paid $1300 for a shock for my KTM a few years back! This version KX450 (16-up) is sooooo good with good suspension. Best bike I have had. It just does everything well with no surprises.
  7. skthom2320

    tried a 2017 kx450f

    A follow up on my '17 experience...love the TBT SFF fork conversion! I did find that the bike is very sensitive to sag. 3-5mm difference on the rear made a huge difference in the ability to carve a corner. I can't tell you what it's at at the moment, I had set it to 110mm (which I didn't like), then went two -three turns stiffer on the shock collar and found a sweet spot that I really like. I think the forks are 7mm above the clamp. Bottom line - if you don't like how it turns, try adjusting the sag 3-6mm.
  8. skthom2320

    tried a 2017 kx450f

    The '13 forks fit the '17 triple clamps just fine. I didn't measure the length but I new they wouldn't be there long ...
  9. skthom2320

    tried a 2017 kx450f

    Just to chime in here, I have 3 days on my '17 kxf and love it! I put 125+ hrs on a '13 kx450f, and then bought a leftover '15 ktm 350sxf. After a year and half on the 350, I decided I just prefer the power of a 450 and picked up the '17 kxf not too long ago The more I ride this new gen kxf the more I like it. Everything good about the '13 is still there, and everything that bothered me is improved (except the forks, I'll get to that). It turns better, the brakes are better, I don't get boots stuck on the rad guards anymore, I don't get stuck in the shifter (I had to put a hammerhead on the 13), and did I mention it turns better?!!?! i think if you liked any of the previous generation kx450's you'll love this one. The forks I never rode stock. I sent them right away to TBT racing and had them turn them into standard Showa Sff spring forks and I used my old '13 forks while I was waiting (I had Mx tech spring conversion in those). I just put the first day on the Tbt sff conversion yesterday and they work great.
  10. skthom2320

    Why does chain guide do this?

    I have 120 hrs on an acerbis chain guide and it looks like it could go another 120 hrs. I am using stock gearing.
  11. skthom2320

    2016+ TAC fork owners, huck valve review

    I'm not a fan of the huck valve. I have them in my PSF spring conversion from Mx tech. After 2 revalves, my tuner just disabled by using washers instead of the recommended shims. After that my forks worked great!! So no more trinkets for me from mx tech. As a reference, I am a reasonably quick +40 vet who hates forks that bottom.
  12. skthom2320

    Bought a 2018 KX450f

    They are identical. Listen to the keeferinc podcast. https://www.keeferinctesting.com/
  13. skthom2320

    16 & up KX450?

    Don't ever finance a dirt bike (or any disposable toy for that matter) unless you are planning to pay it off within a few months. Save up and just pick up a clean used 16. They will pop up if you are patient and you can save thousands. You will thank me when you are old like me. :-)
  14. skthom2320

    16 & up KX450?

    I would have jumped at that. I paid more here in california but still under $8k otd.
  15. skthom2320

    16 & up KX450?

    The 16-up bike is sooooo much better than the previous generation it is unreal. I put 130+ hrs on my 2013 and love that bike but I joke with my friends that I have to plan my passes out 3 corners in advance because there is no changing lines with that tugboat. I bought a '15 ktm 350 a year and a half ago and it so much more nimble than my '13 kxf. Just a great, fun bike. But then I bought a '17 kxf because of the rebates right now. Holy smokes!! This bike is as nimble as my 350, but with the awesome Kawi motor! Best bike I've ever ridden stock. My 350 I thought I'd keep forever is going up for sale!!