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  1. tdamore

    Rowher Trail

    I had my intro to descending the old lookout trail on a flat front tire. They don't call it Rowher "flats" for nothing LOL. I'll be out there tomorrow with some buddies to blow the dust off my bike. I haven't ridden in about a year. yikes
  2. tdamore

    Kickstarting Stories!

    Battery died while starting my crf 450x after washing it. Tried to kickstart it wearking flip flops like a dummy and ended up putting the kickstart through the side of my foot. 22 stitches and 3 weeks of crutches to remind me of why they make motorcycle boots.
  3. tdamore

    Rowher Flats/ Nov 7 Opens!

    This thread made my day! I'll be there on the 7th for sure.
  4. tdamore

    LA/Ventura County MX Apparel

    I'll second BTO. Super good prices.
  5. tdamore

    I-5 mx closed again

    I believe that there was also some unresolved issue related to utilities but I can't remember the details.
  6. tdamore

    So Cal Gas Prices

    Not too mention that most of the places where you can get used cooking oil are wise to this now and want you to pay them for the oil. My experience around here at least....
  7. tdamore

    Silverwood Help

    FYI - Ocotillo was 100 last weekend. It was so hot that we cut our weekend short and came home a day early.
  8. tdamore

    Gorman On Memorial Weekend

    I'll give you the cliff notes version: 4th of July weekend. We were up there early and put in a good 60 miles by noon. All my buddies staged at Sterling and I was at Edison because I needed to use the drive up ramps. Pulled up to my truck and it was blocked in by one of those long quad trailers. I hung out for like 20 minutes and then a bunch of quads came tearing into the staging area and started doing donuts like 5 feet from where I am standing. I got pelted with some rocks and a few bounced off the side of my truck. I ended up running up to one of them and grabbing his handlebars. We started exchanging words and then I got jumped from behind by his buddy. We threw some blows and then a ranger came up and handcuffed us. I was told to leave and most of the other group got pinched because all of their quads were hot.
  9. tdamore

    Gorman On Memorial Weekend

    OMG this is too damn funny. I opened this thread and was like "I bet Julian is gonna be up in this with his ganster mexican rhetoric". Low and behold, I get to the last post and there it is.... LOLOL. Should I whip out my tale of the Edison campground beatdown and the stolen quads from 4th of July 05' ?
  10. tdamore

    03 YZ450 vs 06 YZ450

    If I recall correctly, it was the 03' that people complained about.
  11. tdamore

    Pismo ?s

    Bring WD40 to spray on your bike. Any exposed metal will start to show rust overnight.
  12. tdamore

    Anyone riding on Easter? (Socal)

    Nothing this weekend James, but I might hit Hungry valley this week for a midweek ride. Let me know if you are interested.
  13. I split my cases a few months ago and it's no big deal. The only special tool you really need is a flywheel puller and a T-27 torx (I think that is the right size).
  14. tdamore

    LPNF status

    Shaken, not stirred. LOL
  15. tdamore

    LPNF status

    I hope this is true. I want to get a ride in up there this year and the only bike I have right now is red stickered.