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  1. honda203

    White Trash Hare Scramble

    there is a pmp race that is in midland. PMP stands for poor mans promotions. that was a really fun track last year, but it does have alot of tighter spots.
  2. honda203

    White Trash Hare Scramble

    the bent wheels hs is in rose city. its on june 4 i believe. that would be a good beginer track. there is no tight woods and a car could fit through most of the trails.
  3. Everyone has a different opinion on what works best. They are many different combinations of spring rates, valve stacks, and oil heights to reach the desired effect. I wouldn't be worried if it was a large company, because they will stand behing their work.
  4. honda203

    White Trash Hare Scramble

    Does anyone know the location of the white trach hare scramble? I know that it is somewhere in Mio, but at a new location. There are now directions listed on the district website. Thanks
  5. honda203

    sucking more oil

    the last few times i went riding i noticed my crf 250r was sucking a bit more oil than usual. It will always use a bit of oil, but now it is noticably more. I usually ride on trails or in hare scrambles, but lately i have been riding mx. Is the high speed and RPM causing this? It is 100% stock and It otherwise runs fine and the valves are in clearance.
  6. honda203

    1st Hare Scramble - numbers question

    You should expect everything for the terrain at battle creek. There is a mx track, tight woods, rocks, logs and whatever else they can find to make is challenging. It can be a very technical track.
  7. honda203

    1st Hare Scramble - numbers question

    i just got back from the portland hare scramble today. If you intend on removing the numbers, your best bet is to just use electrical or duct tape. The class letter desiginations, and all the other rules, are listed on the hare scrambles website, www.ama-d14harescrambles.org They say that numbers are supposed to be 6in tall and letters are to be 3 in tall, but as long as they are legible you will be fine. You will also need your class letter on the back of you helmet.
  8. honda203

    Even pros can have bad suspension

    i believe that he has factory connection suspension. I race hare scrambles and finding a good all around setup is difficult. You have to have it soft enough for rough tight single track, but many of the courses have a mx track so it must also be able to hand the jumps. It is a fine line and often times a compomise between settings.
  9. try racing in a four stroke class. This will take away the two stroke advantage.
  10. honda203

    Polka Dots Practice

    i dont think polka dots has an open practice, just the races.
  11. honda203

    Still snow?? Leota Denton?

    im in traverse city now and it is snowing
  12. honda203

    FCR suspension AWSOME!!

    how do you like it?
  13. honda203

    Has this happen to any one?

    did you put the clip on backwards that holds the masterlink on. they are directional
  14. honda203

    FCR suspension AWSOME!!

    100% Right! I got mine back last week from the ohio office and it is awesome. It is a 2005 crf250 setup for offroad and it it is perfect. it soaks up more than i ever imagined it would adn the overall feel and control is great.
  15. honda203

    Baja Track Changes...

    Everyone who went there, what were the track changes? Was there any other rumors about the track floating around the pits?