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  1. Be sure you don't use the included spring if Dave's mods were performed on carb...dynojet kit is overpriced dude....
  2. Sounds like the main jet isn't doing its job...
  3. Man....I ran a Honda commercial lawn mower for over a decade 5 days a week...hard...that little piggy kept going and going and going Hondas are known to run forever...till paint and parts fall off...hell look at the 90s civics...AMAZING cars... You can't go wrong buying a Honda ever...you may need to work on it, but once it's dialed in, it will go and go... I love my 650l because it's low compression, and made to just run...not the fastest bike...but soooooo simple and reliable... If you like the bike, get the bike! If you hate it, sell it!
  4. You have to cut the rubber off the end of the grip...leave a good millimeter of space between grip and guard
  5. BEWARE of Lithium "ION" batteries...we all know cell phones explode...I wouldn't put a lithium ion battery in any vehicle...the Shorai is Lithium "IRON"...it has zero chance of thermal runaway even if punctured. [emoji106] Be careful what you buy y'all...
  6. The Shorai is under 2 lbs...the stocker is 5-6 lbs?...battery box is another good chunk of weight...the nice part of the Shorai, is it comes with a crap ton of adhesive padding to help fit it anywhere...
  7. Agreed...get that crap outta there...my little shorai is super dependable
  8. Filter I bought...I'm sure if I looked around I could find one a tad smaller in circumference that would work too...
  9. I would, but not too proud of the "box" I made to hold the battery etc...not gonna lie, it's functional but it looks like crap...when I get around to making a new one I'll snap some pics...I can tell you that the outer foam does rub ever so slightly on the tab that the fender clips into, and on the very top ring of the shock/spring...not concerned at all about it...it will settle into its new shape just fine...if anything should happen, luckily it's under 20 bucks to replace...
  10. "V" is in the logo [emoji2957] "PIG" was already taken [emoji24]
  11. 2 1/2 lbs? The inner sock is on a big soft spring...the whole filter can be squished down, and manipulated...super easy
  12. At the same time, I put the baffle plate back on my pipe...it feels the same all around...
  13. And really not much lower than stock filter placement(well the breather could be higher I suppose)
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