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  1. Selling my GYTR tuner. Used but in perfect working order. 200 plus shipping Only issue; I do not have paypal. Buyer will have to send me a money order, cashiers check or check (upon clearance). I will give out my address to the person interested, as well as a copy of my drivers license, hometown and firefighting ID to show you I work for my county and im a fireman so I really couldnt hide from you. Im a legit guy not looking to rip anyone off I just have no more use for the tuner.
  2. Yami4daddy

    Silicone on slipfit exhaust joints

    So antisieze wont seal, but will high temp silicone help in terms of the pipes seizing together? My thinking and therory says yes, to a degree. Thoughts?
  3. Yami4daddy

    Silicone on slipfit exhaust joints

    Thanks guys! Keep the replies coming! I just wanted a general concensus on the idea. Me....WAY WAY over thinking and over engineering things thinks its a good idea. A leak, no matter how small, bleeds pressure when the exhaust pressure eave comes out of the motor. Bleeding pressure leads to less velocity and less velocity leads to the exhaust no performing like designed. My thinking. So a sealed exhaust would actually aid in performance vs a leaking one. I had a drd that the slip fit was so tight I didnt dare take it back off to seal with rtv. I now have a bills pipes and the slip fit joints are a little on the looser side so I figured id run some rtv.
  4. Yami4daddy

    Silicone on slipfit exhaust joints

    Maybe I misunderstood what you are saying but not oem design, designs like fmf or drd or bills pipes.
  5. Just curious on what you guys are doing. Do you run high temp silicone on your slip fit exhaust joint to make sure its a leak proof seal or just leave it the way it is?
  6. Yami4daddy

    MX Pro Sprocket?

    Never heard of them, but that doesn't mean much especially being a European company. The material they use to make their sprockets seems legit enough that I would try them. Infact, im going to bookmark that page for when it comes time to replace my sprockets. I say go for it. The materials used (7075 t6 aluminum and high carbon steel) is the right materials to use, as long as their casting process/ quality checks is legit, you should have no problems out of the sprocket.
  7. **MODS if this is in the worng section or breaks rules I will remove and move. This item only pertains to yamaha YZ450 so I figured id post here to catch a yamaha owner looking for a muffler. I mean no harm or malice** Im looking to get rid of my 2014-2017 yz450f stock muffler with the Lexx XC endcap. Just repacked 3 hours ago. The stock muffler is a great design with only one downside; For noise control, yamaha reduced the muffler outlet significantly. This sharp reduction adds a restriction in the great exhaust design. The Lexx XC endcap not only opens the outlet size (to the same diameter as the core), but comes with a quiet insert (slightly larger outlet than stock) and a spark arrestor. The endcap alone retails for about $105. Selling a complete muffler, fresh packing, and installed endcap for $130 plus shipping. Performance: the opened up muffler definitely added character to the bike. The bike revved faster and harder. The real pick up was mid-top range. The bike didnt sign off as early or as fast. Was an absolute improvement over "stock". The reason for the sale is I just bought a bills pipe, and just trying to recoup a little money spent on that by selling this. As you can see my price is very fair. I also have the stock header for sale if anyone is interested or wants an extra header to weld an o2 bung onto.
  8. Yami4daddy

    2019 Yz450fx mapping and fuel economy

    Sell you one for cheap. PM me if interested
  9. Yami4daddy

    GYTR (NOT FMF) exhaust, any info?

    Ok so ive been trying to find what I can on this exhaust, and its been a pain/chore. Inside the US these exhausts are rare. From what I can gather, I assume that this GYTR exhaust is in fact a DRD NS4 exhaust re-branded as GYTR outside of the US (this exhaust is only available from Australia, I cant find any other orgin of this exhaust). The GYTR exhaust may mildly differ from the NS4, as the GYTR is labeled as having a stepped core, and I believe DRDs NS4 is a straight core, no steps. If someone can verify or deny this please do, but from what I have found the DRD is a straight core. Im thinking, either A) DRD allowed GYTR copy its design for sale outside the US (as we all know DRD is heavily involved with yamaha) or B ) DRD and GYTR teamed up, created an exhaust, and the rights were given to DRD for US sales, and outside US for GYTR. The GYTR further separated itself from the DRD unit utilizing a stepped core vs straight. Still trying to find good info on this thing but its hard. This exhaust definitely has me interested (which is harf to get me off the stocker because it runs so well), and the fact its GYTR makes me want it a little more (im a big yami guy). Again, does ANYONE have any information they can add? Btw the yamaha part number is: 1SL-E46D0-FS-15
  10. Yami4daddy

    GYTR (NOT FMF) exhaust, any info?

    Minus the second resonance chamber, it kinda does haha. It does look close to the bills pipe, but looks an exact copy of the DRD ns4. Im wondering if doug didnt just sell his design to GYTR and they copied it. Would make some sense since doug is yamahas main man since the yz400 days. I dont know so im hoping someone can give some light to some information. Oddly enough also, I can only find this exhaust sold in Australia. You can buy it outside of AU, but seems all sources I have found are from Australia. But hey Wetneck, how do you like your re13? How is the engine character with the pipe? I almost pulled the trigger on an re13 but by the time I pulled the trigger, the seller sold it (could of had it for 250... ) from my research everyone said it took off some bottom end but from mid to top ran like a train and never stopped pulling. I even went as far as to call bills pipes to see if they would feed me bs to get me to buy or be realistic. To be fair, some things the rep told me was to sell me and I took with a grain of salt, but overall I was impressed by what he had to say. Man I wish I jumped on that deal....but I hesitated because the stocker runs so well.
  11. Yami4daddy

    GYTR (NOT FMF) exhaust, any info?

    Also, while we are here, can anyone with a drd ns4 full system on a 14-17 yz450f tell me what power characteristics the pipe gives the bike? I can get a pretty good deal on one, so im considering. Ive researched probably every forum google has to offer, just would like to hear peoples opinions on here. From what I gather it takes away from some bottom, adds some good mid, and about the same top/overrev than stock, with maybe a bit longer pull on top. I wish I could have it all because I like the stocks aggressive bottom, but just feels it signs off a bit early when approaching a jump face/corner at the top of the rev range without shifting to a higher gear.
  12. Found this GYTR exhaust for the 14-17 yz450f when browsing around. From my brief brief search, looks like its made or atleast sold exclusively in Australia. Ive heard of the FMF GYTR exhaust (fmf power core 4 exact copy) but dont have much info on this GYTR exhaust. It looks EXACTLY like the DRD NS4 exhaust, possible Doug had a had in developing this exhaust or is it like the FMFs version, just a copy of an existing design rebranded to GYTR. Interested on information if anyone has anything on it.
  13. Yami4daddy

    2018 yz450f power tuner

    All zeros
  14. Yami4daddy

    2015 YZ450F Replacing Oil Sight Glass/Gauge

    You remove it from the front
  15. You are one tooth up in the rear (stock 13/49) which adds to acceleration, so I dont think gearing is your bogging problem. Does it seem fuel/carb related? Does it bog after landing a jump or hitting a big bump? Explain how it bogs further so I get an idea of what you mean. On the recluse clutch, I unfortunately can give no advice on. I have never dealt with or used a recluse clutch.