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  1. Try out walker valley orv in wa state. I find many trails challenging enough with a ktm 300 xc w . On a mx bike it would be hell unless very modified.
  2. I think it would be better to have two bikes. I have a ktm 300 Xc w that is what u want.. Do not get a xc version for tight trails. Electric start is nice enough to push to get.
  3. Ha. Well I could get a lectron carb and a cdi mapping box. I Have a rekluse. and will redo the suspension . May Would have another 2500 in the bike. But not sure I can live with the engine braking. Not sure if it as good as something w version for tight trails when fixed Thinking of a 300 2 stroke . I know that works.
  4. Thanks for the info, the bike has low hours and in great condition but I am leaning toward selling it, too much money to risk on it. Will look for a ktm w version of some sort, I am a lot more comfortable working on a 2 stroke.
  5. Check with dealer, if no luck may have to chance buying one to check the size with it.
  6. If sure you have air and fuel . Go through all the firing components.
  7. I recently obtained a 08 ktm 250 xcf and want to tame it down for tight nasty single track riding. First step is to tame the throttle response. Right at the crack of throttle it has a small hit, combined with engine breaking really annoying. Can't get flywheel or clutch weights for this bike but I do have a rekluse that I can use. I could try to tune out the low end hit by carburetor work or try the lectron. Then after that soften up the suspension, otherwise sell the bike and get a more trail worthy bike. Anyone have experience with a lectron taming a xcf bike to intial throttle response smoothness ? I also hope the engine breaking would smooth out some as wel The 800 buck cost would worth it if smooth throttle response. I am assuming the accelerator pump action on the stock carb is causing the instant "jump" when cracking the throttle. I already put on a g2 throttle cam 400.
  8. Lower the 350, put on a comfy seat on the 350, tame the 350 a little, throttle cam or remap. The ktm is designed to race so just tame it down some. Otherwise what is wrong in having two bikes ? Modern euro racing bikes are designed to race, are tall, more agressive designed engines , suspension etc. A tamed downed ktm 350 should be a really good fun bike, but it is more for open trails, tighter trails likely want something lesser.
  9. The old school bikes did not have that much ground clearance, yeah you will drag but I think having the right bike otherwise more important. Some sort of mini bike may fit you if ur not too big. Whatever you get needs to fit your weight and strength as well.
  10. I knew a nice guy once who had a new kawaski dual sport in his shed. Guy in his mid 50's , his dream was to go on some kind of adventure trip with it. He died from pneumonia that next winter!!!! I dont know if he got in that dream ride or not? No BS, true story.
  11. Once you drink the orange kool aid it is hard to go back,, just saying.....
  12. Do research on older ktm 300 exc bikes, if lucky can find one sprung for heavier rider u can buy. I think this is ur best option, also can buy springs and redo yourself. You can find one of these in very good condition if look. Also a stock ktm xc 300 may work for trail for you it is a little more stiff than exc or xc-w versions.
  13. Protective gear, here is what I have. Good boots , 300+, knee pads 100, motorcross pants 60, padded shorts, cheap ones off Ebay 20. Have cheap elbow pads and used vintage chest protector off Ebay total 100. Have good helmet 120. I like the cheap yellow impact glasses for eyes, can't stand the goggles( goggles are better to use). I likely to upgrade my elbow pads and chest protector someday. I may try a cheap neck protector someday. My lower body waist down is armored up really good but upper body has some gaps. Summer riding need some air flowing, for colder weather those armor jackets is a good option. A lot of this stuff can find on Ebay but a local shop is nice to fit up on some stuff. Minimal gear is good gloves, good motorcycle boots, good full face helmet, some kind of knee pad , and tough clothing. Regular pants work fine starting out, but motorcross pants do work better with right gear. Motorcycle knee pads can go top of regular pants, but are designed to go under motorcross pants. Legs can be totally armored up if done right.
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