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  1. I have ridden st Charles and snowlside. Technical trails for sure. I personally thought is was a great ride. My Rosa trail I believe it’s called Nelson’s trail on some maps? Would b a good one to ride and Gauge your comfort with more technical single track. It is much shorter than the wet mountain trails though. Have ridden in Cheyenne Canyon much? I ride over there somewhat frequently when it is not blazing hot out.
  2. Not the most technical trail out there but hot and loose DG this time of the year. Trails are pretty short. East bear is the most technical down that way.

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    36mm lectron with throttle cable. 2-3 metering rod extra. 4-1 metering rod installed. Used for less than a year on a 2014 KTM 300.


    Colorado Springs

  4. From June 14th on Ophir Pass.
  5. CoJax. What time are you taking off?
  6. Thanks for the info. That is the area I was looking into. Pretty long Haul down to the Durango area and a lot of riding won’t be open for a while due to snow.
  7. A riding buddy is working in Albuquerque for a while. We are looking at setting up a trip somewhere in Southern Co or Northern New Mexico. Wanted to see if anyone has ridden some good single track down that way. I live in Colorado Springs. Ridden as far south as Wetmore but that’s it. Any advice would appreciated. Usually enjoy technical single track to flowing single track.
  8. Thanks for the info. I live on the north side of the springs and shoveled over 10” of snow this morning 😒
  9. Wanted to see if anyone has been up captain jack lately. Curious is the upper trails are still snowed in on the shaded areas.
  10. Sounds good. Hoping to make it out next weekend. I will send you a PM or if it’s easier pm me your number.
  11. I am not sure about Rampart. I know there were some other posts about the conditions up there. I have only ridden down by Penrose so far this year.
  12. automagp68 I will be in touch soon.
  13. Hello, Last year became sick of the mountain bike scene and finally purchased another enduro bike (14 ktm 300xc). Did a 7-8 year break from dirt bikes and hated it. Mid 30s rider looking for others who would like to get out and ride this season. Almost everyone I knew who rode has sold their bike or are too busy.
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