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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4IpdCX78gk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQLHEu6RHGQ&NR cliff hanger back flip is better IMO
  2. mine would have to be the #1 1800-collect fox cr250 that mcgrath rode, the 98 rm he had to is also on of my favs. only pic i could find
  3. WHYZED250

    paint or powdercoat

    so there is no boot wear on the frame with powder coating?
  4. WHYZED250

    The Power Of Makeup

    The power of digital imaging thats nikki webster an australian singer.......
  5. WHYZED250

    Best Video Editor

    i used to use premiere till i found vegas trust me try vegas, its the best, btw try coding your movies in divx and mp3 for sound, get your bitrates right and youll have same quality .avi with half the size of an .mpeg
  6. WHYZED250

    Best Video Editor

    vegas video by sony is the best IMO.... takes a bit to learn to use buts its very proffesional with alot of compression oftions and effex. i got it for mates rates off the net.....
  7. seen this on ebay, claims that its neverbeen ridden it looks mint! bout 10 pics of it xr 350 ebay auction not bad for a 20 year old thumper! EDIT more pix
  8. WHYZED250

    Dusty Track (AU) Walhulla

    good work bro, its great to see a fellow aussie posting pics, i need to get a camera or somthin :| btw should put the camera on the side of the helmet, it looks like the footage is of the ground rather than infront of you. keep the movies comin
  9. WHYZED250

    water crossings

    depends how deep.... if its shallow i lift the front and gas it if its deep i choose the shallowest line
  10. WHYZED250

    What bike have you been glad to get rid of?

    79 dt 250, we snapped the accele cable off at the lever so we tied the wire straight from the carby to the rear brake lever seeing the back brakes didnt work, no silencer hacksawed it off coz it was rusted etc..... we layed it to rest in that big scap heap in the sky
  11. WHYZED250

    McGrath Replica Bikes

    96-97 1800 collect fox crs were best i rekon, if i had a 96 i would deck it out the same there like my all time fav bikes, prolly coz i got into bikes around 95-96 and jeremy mcgrath was plastered on the cover of every mag i like the 98 rms he used to ride aswell, with the blue/silver/black grafix
  12. WHYZED250

    The future "Class" of Mx Racing

    bretts brother shane is racing a kx 250 in aus, but thats prolly coz kawasaki dun make 450's yet :\ and for the person thats said 2 striokes are obsolete might be eating thier words in a few years when injected 2stroke technology gets implemented but nobody really knows what the future has install....
  13. i used to live about 20kms out of the town i live in now, and on the road i lived on there was a big straight, always used to see riders doing mono's or gassin it as fast as they could up the straight, one day i heard thees riders from inside my house, then my mum runs in and tells me the both of the riders hit a cow (the same one) 1 broke hes arm as he fell on to tar and the other launched over a barbwire fence onto plush grass and was only bruised and battered and the cow? my uncle came down 15 minuted later with a gun but it was already dead felt sorry for it they rekon they were gonna sue my uncle for the cow beeing on the road but they were unregistered riding on the road so they didnt have a leg to stand on..
  14. WHYZED250

    Post pics of your YZ250F'S

    maybee he wants interaction with people, you know they post a pic and BOOM! they say what theve done to thier bikes,what mods have been installed and where they ride it etc....
  15. WHYZED250

    New 05 or wait for an 06 ??

    sherco make a injected 450 but its an enduro bike check it out http://www.sherco.com.au/enduro/