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  1. I've got a 1999 KTM 125sx and I was wondering if anyone knows which years, if any, match up to the exhaust? I was going to get an expansion chamber and silencer made for a 2000 KTM 125sx but can't get a straight answer anywhere as to weather it matches up or not. The 1999 is a hard exhaust to find due to FMF stopping production of it. Pro Circuit has an exhaust for the 1999 but I'm looking for more options. I've already gone through EBay and searched similar apps but found nothing that I'm happy with. Thanks for any help.
  2. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! That's the one. Thanks buddy?
  3. Ya I wasn't sure just something I heard. I used soap and water and a hair dryer and all the plastics besides the rear fender turned out fantastic. The rear fender managed to retain an air bubble right in the middle[emoji53]. Gonna poke it
  4. I've heard that cutting or poking holes in the decal can cause problems in the future with the decals wanting to come up off the plastic when dirt or water gets in the opening, even when pressed down very tight to the plastic. What's your take on that issue? I've never used this technique so just want to ask before I make any holes in them. Thanks
  5. I've recently put a fresh set of decals on my bike and I was wondering if anyone has some tips and/or tricks on removing bubbles underneath the decals? I've been trying to remove the bubbles using a hair dryer and then pressing them out but it's been a struggle with little to no results. I've also tried using a flat edge to slide them out, but I've had the same results. The angles of the plastic make it hard to get a good swipe at it. Thanks for any advise.
  6. My freshly rebuilt 1999 KTM 125sx needs a new expansion pipe and I'm having a hard time locating one. I've put quite a bit of time/work into restoring the bike and this is the final upgrade I wanted to do. I contacted FMF and they said they've discontinued production of the 1999 expansion pipe for my KTM. I was told my best bet is to try to find one on EBAY or another online store, but I've had no luck so far. BUMMER! I've got a FMF Turbinecore2 silencer on right now so I'd like to stay with FMF if possible for the expansion chamber, however, I'm willing to change out both if I can find something equivalent. I would like a brand new pipe if possible but a used pipe in good shape will do just fine. Thanks for the help.[emoji16]
  7. Here's some updated pics. Thanks for all the help in finding this decal set. Much appriciated!
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