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  1. How big a deal is this? I can live with some rough edges on a bargain bike, and I'm kind of used to having no idea what's going on when I shift when wearing giant plastic boots, but being able to modulate the clutch is kind of important. Is there anyone else out there with a FSE250E who can comment on how well the clutch works? I gather the engine on the 250E is Zongshen that is the same as, or closely related to the engine used on AJP PR4s. I saw at least one review that commented on clunky shifting, but I don't recall that they had any complaints about the clutch. I'd love to have a test ride, but the closest dealer is in Buffalo NY, 5 or 6 hours away. I'm still waiting for news on a Canadian distributor or dealers.
  2. @sorbales On Mar 22 you posted: "Clutch is inconsistent and unpredictable: sometimes it's long and smooth, other times it grabs early and aggressively. I hope this will go away with more use." and "and Gear shifter is vague (couldn't tell, if shifted with sneakers on; might present a problem with boots." Any updates on clutch and gear shift feel or performance? I really like the idea of the FSE250E, sort of a crf230f with good suspension, but I'm trying not to let my enthusiasm get ahead of the facts. I really appreciate that you and others take the time to share information.
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