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  1. I have experienced once an engine shutdown on a decline no throttle - seems like the same issue. Not a major issue at this stage
  2. I ended up fitting the RADE 5.5l subtank and airbox and rewired the crushed wires in photo. Now the Bike is an absolute weapon with Wings exhaust, Open / breathable twin air cleaner filter fitted to the RADE Garage airbox. Please note : Keeping the original OEM airbox restricts the engine considerably and a higher risk of dusting the engine due to its design. Now that i have plenty of power for my style of riding with 14/48 gearing, the rev limiter issue is no longer an issue. Love the bike - just had to derestrict the engine of its heavy emission controls for EU.
  3. KTM couldn’t fault the rev limiter problem. So collected bike and just now I found the airbox air intake sensor wires squashed under the battery bracket bolt. would damaged wire cause the motor to hit the rev limiter early ?
  4. Still at dealer and no response from KTM AUSTRALIA as yet. Will post with update soon
  5. Bike still at dealer. As it doesn’t have a rpm gauge I need to add a multimeter to see at what rpm the limiter comes on. My concern is I rode the bike for 1200km in some tough terrain known as High Country Victoria and never had any rev limiter issue ( completed the run in km’s as per book ) for example if I do a power mono the bike will not perform as rev limiter kicks in. If I have a shoot out with friends also bike will not perform as previously for same reason. Will keep you posted
  6. Can you replicate this same problem on your 2019 model 690 ? As I’m being told that there isn’t a problem. I think the real problem is the bike is a new model and they don’t know what to do. Getting support From the factory is very slow
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wud0zdhkxqewxl2/2EA91FAF-669F-49A8-9729-5D180FBF98F8.MP4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/r051lyy8o0b3nol/BEC839D0-4C71-493D-8700-23A5FB31E3D5.MP4?dl=0
  8. Any chance I could send you a link to the video of the rev limiter problem and you check if your 690 is the same or not ?
  9. Mine was also faultless up to 1200km then the rev limiter problem started - will keep working with KTM Australia to solve it. Would be great if I could post the video for all to see
  10. Thanks Yowsa, update is I went to the dealer today did video of the rev limiter issue and will now send to KTM Australia. Frustrating when all I want to do is ride it !
  11. To all KTM690 enduro R 2019 model owners - I need your help ! Has anyone had the rev limiter engage to early ? I can have my bike stationary and the engine hits the rev limiter at just over half to 3/4 throttle. Question : when if ever does you rev limiter engage ? My bike has been at KTM dealer for over a month with no solution
  12. Bike still at dealer for rev limiter problem - KTM factory looking at the faulty neutral switch telling the computer that it’s engage thus limiting revs at half to 3/4 throttle when riding. Anyone else experiencing this problem ?
  13. Nice switch - don’t know if that’s my problem with the rev limiter as bike is still at dealer waiting for direction from KTM factory on a fix.
  14. Is the micro switch on the 2019 model ? Can you post photo of this micro switch as the bike is at the dealer. Thanks
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