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  1. reconranger

    What kind of quad?

    All the 2-strokes have been out of production for some time now, so one is likely to be getting an old piece of crap if they insist on 2-stroke only. The newer 450 4-strokes, don't give up anything to the 2-strokes, and have way way better suspension!
  2. reconranger

    ATV for Daughter

    Warriors as is the Raptor 350 are turds, so avoid! (I know, I road one for almost a decade.) A nice used Honda 400EX!!! Z400 is excellent as well. They are both bombproof, with just regular simple maintenance.
  3. reconranger

    what to buy

    By "dunes" I presume you mean drag racing, because I doubt you have any "Glamis" monster hillclimbs in MO? The 400's are the best trail quads, hands down. The 450's are the best fast open trail/wide open country quads, and they are light. The Raptor 660 is a torque monster, but is narrow and top heavy....so avoid. The Raptor 700 is better, but still not my favorite. 200 lbs isn't exactly super heavy, so the suspension handling the weight is not an issue for any of these machines. In your price range, find a nice used Honda 400EX!!! Around here, you can get a leftover 08 400EX or YFZ 450 for $4K OTD.
  4. reconranger

    2002 blaster help

    There are block off kits out there, for the oil injector.
  5. reconranger

    thinkin about a yfz450..

    The earlier years had an oiling problem....but I can't remember what it was all about. Plus, several of my buddies cracked their swingarms, again on earlier years.
  6. reconranger

    Twist Throttle

    Over the years, I know lots of folks who put a twister on, and know what, absolutely none of them kept them for any length of time (and some of these were guys who have ridden dirt bikes all their lives). Only place I would have one, is if I rode wide open all the time, like desert racing or something like that.
  7. reconranger

    YFZ450 will not run with out choke

    Classic symptoms!!! Clean the carb...paying particular attention to the pilot jet. And....I would spend the money to have it gone over by someone who really knows carbs. You messed with the idle screw, and who knows if it was ever properly jetted in the firt place......
  8. reconranger

    new 2012 yfz450 or.....

    Stock, they come pretty corked up. If you are concerned with getting in over your head, ride it stock for a while, before you mod it up for more power.
  9. reconranger

    2003 suzuki lt160

    Haven't owned one of those in a decade so I can't recall any details, but do you have the service manual?
  10. reconranger

    Predator 500 vs Suzuki z400

  11. reconranger

    new 2012 yfz450 or.....

    The 400's are not the hot setup if you are into track, but they ARE the all time best trail quads! If you into track and can get a new YFZ, by all means do that!!!
  12. reconranger

    handle bars and lowering ...help

    Personally, I always have to lower my bars from stock. TAG Metals should have some combination of clamps and bars that will give you whatever height change you want....up or down. Give them a call if you need to. I have always found them very helpful. The stock suspension on the YFZ is pretty descent, and should get you by for a while...but eventually you will want aftermarket. I can see it for MX, but aren't GNCC courses rough and rocky? Why would you want to lower your ground clearance 4"? Also, for MX you want to be 50" wide, but for GNCC probably narrower to fit between the trees.
  13. reconranger

    needle for card on yfz 450 help

    I have occasionally over the years had to buy a whole Dunojet kit just to get the needle.
  14. reconranger

    400ex Head Scratchers

    1) Just a weak battery? 2) It is pretty common for a clutch to drag a little. You will see it up on a stand, but should never notice it on the ground.
  15. reconranger

    Work atv on beach.

    At Pismo Dunes, they have rentals and I don't think they keep them more than about 3 years, before they get looking to ratty for the customers.