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  1. Well after many attempts to troubleshoot this check engine light KTM Canada is replacing my bike with a brand new one. It took many phone calls and lots of persistence but KTM finally came through and did the right thing! New bike should arrive in 2 weeks.
  2. My 2019 KTM 690 enduro has been in the shop for three weeks for a separate issue (check engine light). Are you in the US or Canada? Today Austria engineers are dialing in for the third time. I have no confidence in this bike and have asked for a replacement cause the dealer, ktm Canada, and Ktm Austria cant figure it out. I will find out today.
  3. My bike is back in the shop since Wed. KTM Canada and KTM USA have two bike that have this check engine light issue that they cant resolve. The engineer from Austria will be dialing in on Tuesday to try and find a solution. So for me no riding until this issue is resolved. Apparently they are replacing the traction control module but I will believe it when I see it.
  4. Had my bike in for 1000KM service and Service manager says KTM hasn't figured out why my check engine light is staying on. Service manager said to keep riding the bike, so I asked him what happens when the bike has a real issue and the check engine light is already on...Like WTF KTM figure it out. He also didn't do anything about my traction control issues.
  5. I am also having issues turning off traction control. I also have a check engine light that the dealer said is not registering on the scan tool....Dealer says they are waiting to hear from KTM but to keep riding....
  6. I picked up my 2019 on Thursday. That was a long wait....but loving the bike!
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