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  1. Turns out I’m gonna have to buy a new hub that fits. I would need a 20mm Id x 39 Od bearings for this hub to work? Is there any way to true a wheel without the stand? If not I I’ll just buy the tusk stand.
  2. I ordered a digital caliper to measure the bearings. I’m just not sure what to use for seals
  3. Yeah I have seals but they are the older ones which are too big (inner diameter) or new ones which are too small (outer diameter)
  4. Do they make sleeves that you can put on your axle to make them a little bigger?
  5. The yf bearings fit the axle but don’t fit the y14 hub. I called Rocky Mountain and they weren’t sure when I asked them if bearing would work. Any solutions?
  6. the guy from ebay just messaged me back. He said there from a 2015 yz250f.
  7. I think it needs longer spacers, different bearings and a caliper relocation mount for the larger rotor. The part number was 1447520073 and I think it belonged to a kx450f
  8. I got the tires on but I found out that the front hub is too big for the axle. The brake rotor is also bigger so I assume it was probably on a 450. I bought them off eBay. There is also a lot of space between the hub and end of the axle almost like it needs bigger spacers. Any way to fix this?
  9. Thanks, great post! Does anyone know if a 15 tooth front sprocket will fit with the case saver? I have a 13/50 tooth on it now and the top speed is only 55mph.
  10. Not sure if it was the first or second bead but I’m gonna order some IRC heavy duty tubes
  11. Found the problem. Two holes near the stem. I guess I pinched it on install...
  12. I looked on my sprockets and found out that they are 13/50. The bike had a skid plated on it when I bought it, so I assume that someone set it up for woods riding so it wouldn't stall.
  13. Has anyone tried the STI tubes? They have heavy duty, extreme heavy duty and ultra heavy duty tubes with thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm and 4mm respectively.
  14. At the base of the stem? Because it sounds like it’s coming from there
  15. I think it’s good because they don’t scratch the rims either
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