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  1. SunChoiBao

    Cheapest way to shield a hot exhaust?

    Hi riders. I picked up a 125cc Ducar pitbike for only $150 AUD. After riding for a bit just up and down my street, I noticed that the exhaust pipe is dangerously close to my right leg, which I eventually touched and burned my leg, leaving a decent sized scar. My mate also had a ride on the bike, and stupidly was holding the clutch in while full throttle, then let go and flew off the bike, and resting his whole left hand on the hot exhaust pipe, burning his whole pipe severely. The pipe has welded on nuts that I can screw on bolts too, but not sure exactly WHAT to screw on. Would exhaust wrap work to prevent burns? Cheers.
  2. SunChoiBao

    PC Cooling Fan Install

    It would be best to have the fun running off it's own individual power supply. Also as said by William, it'll fail from water splashes. Adding to my post, the fan could get clogged up with dirt and debris, or the motor could burn out.