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  1. Alright thanks man I will try that !!
  2. See that’s what I think also should I take the carburetor off if I flooded it
  3. Yes I have tried that !!! And still no luck
  4. Although would a bad stator or one that was not installed right make the engine die ? After the bike died it still had power and I could still use the starter
  5. Danmustang96

    Does my bike need a new spark plug?

    Well I tried the spark plug and that wasn’t the issue the bike has gas also [emoji849] I’m thinking it’s something more expensive
  6. Yes I definitely have spark and it also has a new plug I just don’t know what would make the bike die all of a sudden
  7. Ok so I just put a stator in my bike I just got a month ago and it has 15.000 miles on it !!! It was running fantastic and then the bike backfires and died so we got the bike back home and I thought it was the spark plug.. it wasn’t... but as I was taking the tank of I found out that the petcook only lets gas out on prime and not the on position so I tried starting the bike on prime and I think I flooded the carburetor anyways I’m going to replace the part with the Yamaha petcook mod but do you guys really think that was the problem the whole time ? Was it just a bad petcook and did I just flood the carburetor?
  8. I’m a I phone user and I can’t reply to my post
  9. So I just replaced the stater today and I was riding my bike to work when I was half way there I i was going up hill and it backfired and died it turns over fine and wants to start but it won’t start I think it needs a new plug but what do you guys think ?
  10. Ok guys I have 15.000 miles on my bike and I gotta know how many more can I get before a rebuild?
  11. Danmustang96

    Is a RM stator a good pick ?

    Man how many miles do you have on you bike lol [emoji23]
  12. Danmustang96

    Just got my first Drz 400 !!

  13. Yeah my bike is a DRZ400s with the 3x3 mod and the bike has been re jetted by the last owner of the bike
  14. Alright thanks man